Published:  12:00 AM, 01 February 2017

What to eat in vacation

What to eat in vacation

If you are a person of a healthy lifestyle, you know a vacation can put a dent in your food habit. Whether you're kicking back and relaxing for a week or getting to know a new city, counting calories doesn't exactly sound appealing when you're trying to have a great time, does it? Therefore, how can you have a tension free vacation without gaining extra pounds?There are certain ways according to nutrition experts which you should try when you are on vacation.

Most people think skipping fun foods would be healthy in vacation, but that would take the joy of your vacation. Feeding yourself fun and indulgent is not a crime. Just make sure you are not crossing the limit. Besides, try to make it indigenous of the area, so it's special and memorable, like key lime pie if you are in a tropical setting, or clam chowder in the northeast. Also, make sure your diet is full of fruits and vegetables. Even when vacationing, don't skimp on produce,just buy more pre-washed, ready-to-eat options. Most importantly, always drink as much water as you can. Specially, in the summer season, so that you don't end up dehydrating.

Easing up on portion control on vacation isn't a bad idea at all - just make sure every meal isn't a huge one. You can either have a big lunch or big dinner, not both, and can snack on chocolate bars or nuts. Take mixed nuts with you on vacation like cashews, pistachios, almonds, pecans etc.

You can also take advantage of being in a new place by knowing the local healthy cuisines.You can ask around to find out about the best restaurants, local fare, farmers markets or fun places. It will give a feel for the food in the area that you are going to. Local specialties may give healthier options too such as salads, locally grown vegetables and fruits, or fish so that you can continue to make smart choices and eat healthy and well for your body. Moreover, not skipping breakfast is a secret way to be healthy. Try to follow that under any circumstances. Enjoy your vacation!

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