Published:  12:00 AM, 03 February 2017

Your body ,Your beauty

Your body ,Your beauty Model: Soniya, Samapti & Tasmin

How often we undergo unnatural processes just to look "astonishing" in someone else's eyes? How often we stop eating our desired food just to fit in the suffocating dresses that outlines societal beauty-status?

The answer is-almost always! We all face those so called rules that society has created through time-to push girls to their limits-making them perfect (!!!) no matter in which measurement scale. I mean literally, what kind of brainless individual or group try to define an abstract term-beauty? Isn't that supposed to be in the eyes of the beholder?

What makes us believe that we are not beautiful? Our ex lovers, neighbors or fashion magazines? Apparently these are some preeminent groups that orchestrate the unpleasant rule of being beautiful nowadays. You get knocked up by your lover for someone else and he makes you believe that physical beauty is something to continue a relationship. Surprisingly, you believe that!

Your relatives or neighbors make fun of your dark skin tone behind your back? You start to try fair & lovely secretly. Those fashion magazines includes top to bottom perfect model pictures without any spot-giving you the fantasy that you might be like one of them-galvanizing the fact that it's way too unreal! Silly you are-crying over all those fake things-making your life miserable.

                Model:  Atik, Najnin, Nawshin, Arpi, Sume, Saikat & Akash

Are you one of the millions of people who are dissatisfied with their bodies? When looking in the mirror, do you see the beautiful person others describe you to be? 

Apparently, it may feel impossible for you to accept and love your body the way it is right now. You may only focus on your insecurities or your 'flaws.' People have become conditioned to believe that they aren't attractive enough, thin enough or muscular enough. They believe they aren't good enough.

In fact, a study by Glamour Magazine revealed that a shocking 97% of their female readers think disapproving thoughts about their bodies throughout the day. This problem of negative body-talk starts early.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 42% of first to third-grade girls in the United States want to lose weight. Women aren't the only ones affected by negative body-image either. Furthermore, the New York Times cites, more than 90% of boys age 12-18 lift weights to change their body type. In addition, 38% use protein supplements to change their body shape, and 6% actually report using steroids!

If the average person feels that their body is unacceptable, or is uncomfortable in their own skin, then certainly the models and celebrities who are 'flawless' according to everyone, must feel good about their bodies, right? WRONG!!! In fact, 40% of fashion models report struggling with either anorexia or bulimia.

Many others will not report their eating disorder out of shame, embarrassment or fear of losing their jobs. Instead, they suffer in silence. In a world where body acceptance is scarce, and celebrity role models often have eating disorders, how can a person come to adore their own body just the way it is?

Even the concept of accepting your body seems taboo, as if you should always be striving to lose weight or get in better shape. We live in a world where 'good enough' is simply no longer good enough. It's time to change that mindset. It's time to start living and stop hating! Now is the time to rebuild your love for your amazing body and what it can do.

 You deserve to be happy and comfortable in your own skin! No longer should you look in the mirror disapprovingly. You should be able to smile at your own reflection.  You are beautiful just the way you are. It's time to start believing that you are good enough.

Throw all the fashion magazines, change your role model, turn off the TV and shut the drape on your relative or neighbors faces! If that makes you a bad person, let it be. To rescue you from drowning in own sadness, this is more than necessary. Until your lifestyle is not affecting your health, keep going.

 Eat whatever you want, dress the way you want to do and show your curves as it is. Remember, there is no fixed definition of beauty, and never will be. Being chubby or curvy in a non-conventional way, being short or dark toned has nothing to do with beauty. Just be happy with your body regardless of size and shape!

The writer is schooling with BRAC University. She can be reached at

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