Published:  12:00 AM, 07 February 2017

My Rakhine friend and her champion grandfather

My Rakhine friend and her champion grandfather

Fru Fru Sang and I were very happy that day. She took me to her grandparents' house. It was big a huge building. I was amazed to see it. I asked, "Fru Fru when was it built?" She replied, "It is about one hundred years old". She added the house was built by her great-grandfather. I enjoyed the day thoroughly. We wanted to see the entire place but we did not have enough time for that. My friend Fru Fru Sang was intelligent enough to make a plan to explore the entire place within a short time.

It was dark when we finished touring and we were late. So there was no transport available to reach our home. We were so excited exploring the place that we lost the count of time completely. We did not realize that we had come far away from our home. It was night then and we got scared. I reminded Fru Fru Sang we should not have been carried away by our emotions and impulses. To that she started blaming herself. I felt sad too and tried to make the situation normal. I told her "No problem, we can still walk until we find a transport." I told her that to console her, or perhaps also to find some respite from my worries, because there was no sign of transport around at that hour of the night. I was always of the impression that she was more fearless than I, but I failed to understand what happened to her that day. She was crying nonstop. Initially I thought she was filled with fear at the imminent danger she was apprehending.

I asked her what particularly was bothering her and in reply she said her legs were freezing and she could not walk any further. I thought she was tired but actually she was not. It was something else, something very scary which we did not imagine before. I noticed her legs which she wanted to move were not moving at all. I got frightened worrying how we would be able to reach our home. Suddenly I was struck with an idea and told her that we would wait there for a transport and might be we would be able to get a taxi or a rickshaw to go home.

Fru Fru Sang got relaxed a bit but she was worried about her legs. I was all at a loss to find any means to get her out from her trauma. That made me even sadder. Her stiff legs worried me all the more. Those days we did not have cell phones and we could not reach our family to talk about our problem. I knew well-enough both our families were worried to death about us. As I was thinking that I saw a rickshaw coming towards us, but we became disappointed when we saw there was a passenger sitting in it. Then to our utter surprise we suddenly realized the person in the rickshaw asking us to take the rickshaw and go wherever we wanted to. We were both amazed and relieved to find something finally to reach go to our home.

I noticed later my friend was able to walk without my help. That revealed to me that paralyzed her completely and stopped her taking even a step forward. We reached our home safe and sound. Both the families were happy to see us again and we never imagined anything like that could ever happen to us, but the fact is it happened. Fru Fru Sang and I experienced a different perspective of our life. Though it was not pleasant, it was an experience indeed. The next day we met again and discussed about the previous night's incident. Fru Fru Sang and I were laughing as we reminisced it.

She said we should have kept the count of time. Then she confided a secret with me. She said the man in the rickshaw resembled her great-grandfather and she had not shared it with me at that time, for she was in a dilemma. However, after she had checked it with the portrait of her grand-father that they had at home she became sure. She also told me that in their family the legend happened to be her grand-father protected his family from all odds of life like a champion. I was not very sure but I wanted to believe her.  

The author is schooling with  North South University

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