Published:  12:00 AM, 13 February 2017

Be the color of Spring!

Be the color of Spring!

If there's a beauty contest between all the seasons, which one's going to win? If a poet is made the judge, the crown will always be in mighty spring's castle! It has been the most desirable season of all for ages. Romantic poet Pablo Neruda has already penned his urge for spring, "You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming." The vibrancy- the shimmering of glittery sunlight through window-winking of blood-red flowers with happy smile- all makes this season too special. Bangladesh has always been a land of celebration, spring just has become a cherry on top of this.

Fashion is embedded with celebration in a manner that it seems complementary to each other. The color Yellow/Basanti and a mixture of red with that have always been the color of spring, at least in Bangladesh. No matter how digitalized we have become, how much change we have embraced in last few decades, first day of spring without the splash of yellow or red is just impossible. Anyhow, considering spring as a season of color, few changes are coming in fashion. Only yellow or red is not in the trend now, other colors have made their space too. One may be confused about what to wear in spring, either that's first day or the whole season. This thing is more special for girls and here are some suggestions about that.

Spring is supposed to be a moderate season, with the essence of both summer and winter. However, due to recent climate change, in Bangladesh Spring can't seem to show its true color. Temperature is always on high mood and breeze can't be cool enough! Therefore, selection of dress is pretty important in "Pahela Falgun". 

Try to aim for bright colors and patterns to give your outfit some style. Light colors give a cheerful, happy, and fresh look to spring fashion. Dark colors, however, tend to feel like winter. Ditch the black and navy items and go for something yellow, blue, or green instead. Imagine wearing the color at a picnic, or out on a walk in the garden, and ask yourself if the colors fit the scenery. Stock up on neutral colors. Spring is all about color, but you need a good stock of neutrals to match things with. Neutral tops also carry over well into other seasons, making them a worthwhile investment. Neutral colors include tan, gray, navy, white, and brown. Use white for a classy spring look. It can be dressed up with sweaters and accessories, or you can play it down as a casual piece by keeping it unadorned. Whatever you wear, aim for lighter fabrics like cotton, tropical wool, linen, hemp etc. The increasing heat means you need to ditch the heavy winter clothes for something more comfortable. While cotton is always popular, you have several other options for spring fashion as well. Moreover, another thing which is floral patterns are always in style during the spring. When the flowers come out, people love to see more flowers. Big floral dresses, shirts, and even pants are in style no matter where you live.If you are wearing saree on "Pahela Falgun" make sure the fabric is light and suitable for warm condition. Do not put heavy makeup; just some natural touch will be fine. Put some flowers in your hair and you will be the queen of the day!

Even though men do not get busy with these things, they are getting pretty conscious about their fashion. However, men fashion trend is limited to some specific designs. Fashion designers are trying hard to bring variation in this sector. Usually, for Pahela Falgun boys tend to choose cotton or half cotton panjabi or fotua that matches with the environment. Boys avoid light colors but with a combination of mixed colors different panjabi/fotua can be worn. For a normal day, choose a short-sleeve, tailored design in a light color. The polo shirt is a smart wardrobe piece for semi-professional dress and other occasions that require a little more structure in your apparel.You can layer them beneath other clothing while the weather is still cool, or wear them on their own if the temperature starts climbing early. Then again, fitted t-shirts are incredibly versatile. Wear them on days you feel like being casual, or dress them on days you feel like being more stylish. You can also try a short tunic. A tunic is a loose-fitting garment that comes down to your mid-thigh. They are often made of cotton or some other lightweight material, making them perfect for spring weather. Choose one with short sleeves or three-quarter-length sleeves to keep yourself feeling cool. Being man doesn't forbid to go versatile. Just wear what you feel like; your confidence will make you beautiful whether you are a girl or boy.

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