Published:  12:00 AM, 24 February 2017

Misbehaving teens!

Misbehaving teens!

Parenting is not a piece of cake, as any mother or father knows. There is always a common complaint from today's guardian; my child misbehaves with me, yells at me, breaks things etc. The scenario is pretty common in every neighborhood with different levels of intensity. An introduction to this behavior is rooted in the soul from a very beginning, it just flourishes with time. No matter how busy parents get, their child is always the most precious thing to them. Getting bad behavior from them upsets them naturally. There must be a reason behind this. Why do children misbehave?

Sometimes you can easily spot what a child obtains from a certain behavior. Your toddler whines for orange juice or another snack. Naturally, the whining is exhausting; therefore you pour a glass of juice or get some more crackers. The toddler has, once again, been reinforced to whine. Every time onebehaviour is rewarded, it deepens the child's on-going perception that this behavior works. Even an occasional negative consequence won't change the behavior because whining is still mostly being positively reinforced. This makes them demanding in future without caring about the situation or expenditure. Obviously, parents do not pay heed to teenager's demand like they did in past. This change in behavior leads to misbehaving. Apart from that, working parents can't get enough time for their children which eventually lead them to unwanted solitude. Loneliness can be harmful, paving the path for the future stubbornness of your child. Your child may think he/she is not important in your life, hence, obeying you is not necessary at all. Also, friend-circle is a very crucial thing in a teen's life. As most of the time teenagers tend to follow their friends without thinking whether that is right or wrong.

To resolve the issue, as a parent, you have to be patient and compassionate about your child's wish with the essence of reality. You must completely remove whining as an effective tactic. The difficult process of kids successfully relearning these kinds of demands is best achieved through consistency. Then again, spending time with your child is a bit difficult after doing a whole day job and household works. However, in order to keep you child in the right track, you have to handle this time management thing tactfully, with care. Try to gossip about you daily incidents with your child no matter for how long is. It can be dinner time, bed time story or anything. Just blend with their thoughts for a while. Once you get to give the feeling that he/she is not left out, he/she will eventually value your commands with love. Then again, you also have to keep a keen observation about the influence he/she has from friend-circle. Most parents do not notice this but this is important, more than anything. As for a certain period of life, friends possess stronger influence on the child rather than the family. Besides, if you are a working parent, your child will be more dependable on friends. Thereafter, knowing his/her friends is a better way to track you child's mind-set.  Try not to scold your child for a bad company or snatch him/her immediately from there. He/she may be pretty sensitive about that. Therefore, this will throw you farther-giving rise to misbehavior at its peak. Try to discuss about this, inject the idea of extracting only good habits from their friends, not the bad habits.

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