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Make your child overcome fears

Make your child overcome fears

A child suffering from fear and phobia lacks confidence and may appear timid, gauche and awkward. Such fears must be acknowledged and dealt with without delay, as they can lead to more intense problems in life when your child grows into an adult. Common types of phobia and how to overcome fear in children are given bellow.

Animal phobias that include fear of dogs, snakes and spider: Fear of animals is very natural for kids. They are often scared of dogs and reptiles. You can take them to a zoo and educate them about animals. Help your child understand that these animals are too God's creation and have features like humans. Getting yourself a pet will help your child ease their fear and later combat completely.

Social phobias which include social conduct and interaction: Does your child fears to speaking with her friends? Does he avoid social situation or performing school tasks in front of an audience? If yes, then she is suffering from social phobia. You can handle this adhering to certain aspects. First you need to observe your child and how she is behaving socially. Encourage your child to engage in school activities to gain her confidence. Always give positive remarks upon his/her social conducts.

Injury phobias that include fear of blood, fear of needles, illness and similar medical treatments: If your children have this fear, explain to them patiently that these are nothing to worry about or feel fear off. To stop such fears, you can make a visit to a nearby hospital with your child and explain to her why taking an injection or lying in the hospital bed for treatment is necessary. This may ease the phobia, but might not get rid completely. You can also motivate your child by rewarding him/her after she takes a successful injection from the physician without having fear. All these will benefit your child in long run.

Environmental phobias include fear of storms, water and dark: You can help conquer your child's fear simply by listening to her and staying calm. Assure your child that the fear is normal, she is completely safe and can handle the fear. During thunderstorms give them special attention, respect their fears, and be with them. It is obvious that in the dark your child's mind can create many scary images so hug your child before bed and stay nearby until your child falls asleep.

Tips to overcome child fears and phobias: If your child is facing other kinds of phobias, the following tips will help in overcoming fear in children.

Talk and listen to your child: Ask her why she feels so. Tell her you were the same when you were of her age and these spoken words will definitely strengthen your bond with your child. Time and your understanding are the best healers for them to handle the stress.

Understand the disorder: Kids are still discovering the world they are living in and thus fears in life is very natural. No one can be your child's best friend at this stage other than you, so it is best to stay calm and try to understand their situation rather than make fun of them.

Do not ignore your child's fear: If your child says for instance she is scared of her friend, ask her why; tell your child that his friend is a normal human being just like her. Ask her to greet his friend in your presence. However, remember not to push her.

Do not make fun of your child's fear: Laughing at your child's fears is only going to lower her self-esteem and will not make her less fearful. The more you neglect and make fun of her fears, the more she will develop negative feelings.
Do not force your child to overcome their fear: Never try to force your child to overcome any fear. If you do so, she may stop discussing her phobia with you. Support and love are the two powerful tools you can utilize to make your kid forget about phobias, but do remember to let her adjust with her fear.

Be a model parent: Effective conversation from you as a parent can ease phobias in your kid more quickly than normal ways. Make your child understand that these phobias and fears are normal. It is okay to be afraid of some things in young age and she will outgrow it all pretty soon. Remember your child will always follow your actions.

Reward your child's effort: Strengthen and support her by rewarding when she makes an effort to improve. Either gift her favorite game or treat her by taking to an ice-cream parlor. By gratifying your child, you are letting her know what she is going through and this will build her confidence.

We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you know how to deal with fear in children.

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