Published:  12:00 AM, 06 March 2017

Men's sunglasses for your face shape

Men's sunglasses for your face shape

No matter if you're taking a walk on the beach, in the park or if you're on your way to a business meeting, you'll always have your sunglasses on. They've become the most sought after accessories ever. And that is precisely why we need to know which model suits our face shape. Plus, it's also important to know which style each occasion calls for. After all, I don't want you wearing surf sunglasses at a lunch meeting, for instance. It may sound surreal, but, believe me, that wouldn't be the first time I saw that. Well, I guess you can tell I talked to a few specialists as I was looking for a hand with this matter. I'm sure you'll pick it up fast. Besides, I'm guessing you have some of the following models in your wardrobe. The only question is whether that suits your face? Let's go.

Round face: This is the shape that doesn't have hard angles. It's usually wider on the cheeks whereas the jaw line and the temples are slimmer. Of course its lines are round, as well as the chin. That's not all: this is a symmetrical shape, wide in the center at the same time its length and width measure the same. "In this group are the people who'll have more trouble finding the perfect glasses. The secret is avoiding round lines, as to not emphasize them. I recommend picking glasses with straight lines, rectangular or squared", advises Sabrina Nunes, the creator of a sunglasses chain. Still on the same topic, Ricardo Lorente, a designer of handmade sunglasses, adds that the square or oblong models are recommended in this case because they contribute to slimming down your face. "If your face is round, stay away from models of the same shape or oval, which, in this case, will only make it even rounder", he goes.

Square face: This shape features straight lines and wide jaw line. The chin is square and short. "The square face, as a rule, makes you look more serious. Drop-shaped frames (straight on the top and curved on the bottom) as well as the round ones are the best shapes to match the straight facial lines", Sabrina points. That's not all: the Aviator model is also recommended, since its frames are round, which helps make the strong chin lines milder.
Diamond-shaped: The diamond-shaped type of face features narrow jawbone, wider cheeks and narrow forehead, with the cheeks being more prominent therefore. That's it: narrow forehead and chin. "Just like with the square face, the diamond type features strong, straight lines which match exotic, different models. Frames with sharp corners, for example, are perfect", Lorente tells me.

Oblong face: This type is long and not very wide. That's why it's considered to be thin by many. Main features: round, almost pointy chin and thin neck in general. In this case, the perfect models go along the lines with smaller frames with increasing depth, from the bottom to the top. This way, the facial proportions will look more balanced. "The base of the oblong face is larger. Therefore, small glasses will make everything oversize. Larger models, with elaborate thicker frames are a great option, according to Ricardo Lorente.

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