Published:  12:00 AM, 08 March 2017

Ways to get rid of stomach-gas

Ways to get rid of stomach-gas

By consuming a little amount of spicy-masala foods from restaurent, or after having a party meal and your acidity just begin. Living with urban life and fast-food culture bowel disease nowadays are very common to all, as like these are our family members. Almost in every residence, you will find at least one anti-acidic drug strip. Painful thing is no anti-acidic drug could bring 100% healing for you, but only can give a short-term relief. But there are some homely tips based on natural ingredients, by regularly maintain them you can find a straight way to get rid of various acidic disturbance and turmoil. Here are the tips with their ingredients name:

Cucumber:    A very effective vegetable to keep stomach calm and fresh. Its Flavonoids and anti-inflammatory materials reduce acidic tendency of the stomach.  Yogurt:    Our digestion power will remarkably increase by consuming yogurt. And thus the food burning process increase faster and gas disturbance of stomach found its way to vanish.

Papaya:    An enzyme named papaya enzyme is always remain which increase our digestion power. Regularly having papaya can easily reduce acidity.  Banana &     Very useful and essential fruits for orange:    reducing excessive sodium from stomach. Through it acidity will leave us alone. A very important thing is soluble fiber, which always remain in banana. Thus constipation fixed with banana. We should take at least 2 piece of banana every day. To keep our stomach clean and calm, banana is just pair less.

Ginger:    Anti-inflammatory is the most effective material in ginger. Whenever get flatulence, just take raw evenly chopped ginger with some salt and within a short flatulence feeling would fix.  Cold-milk:    To reduce gastric and acidity cold milk is very useful. By drinking cold milk regularly your sudden acidity would be controlled.

Cinnamon:     Is very good for well digestion. Mix half tea spoon of cinnamon powder with one glass water and make them boil. Then take this mixture regularly 2-3 times in a day and you will find the difference. Gastric or acidity will forget you.

Cloves:    Lick 2/3 cloves to get rid of acidic chest irritation, nausea, gastric.  Cardamom:    Like the cloves cardamom can give you the way to reduce acidity. Mint & water:     Boil one cup water and 5 pieces mint leaves.  Take the mixture to keep away from flatulence and nausea.

Aniseed:    By taking aniseed soaked water your acidic disturbance would be much-more controlled. Without these ideas, you may add mustard seed to your daily meal according to taste. As mustard seed is the master to reduce acidic feeling.

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