Published:  12:00 AM, 10 March 2017

Change your morning routine

Change your morning routine

Waking up in the morning does feel a very hard thing for everyone. But this is how the natural clock works, therefore, making your morning great is one of the most significant work you have to do in your day. After all this is the starting and the whole day will depend on it.

If the morning is always one big rush for you, it makes sense to wake earlier. Even though it is way too early for people and they won't like it. But eventually this is good for health and once someone becomes accustomed to it, they will like it even more.  Anyone, however, can wake earlier. If you don't normally enjoy the morning, this one tip may help change that. It is amazing what happens when you don't have to be in a hurry to get out the door.

As a member of this generation, you will be tempted to turn the computer on first thing when you wake up. However, that is worth delaying this for 10, 30 or (ideally) 60 minutes. Too much time on the computer leaves anyone feeling drained, and in this modern age many of us are likely to spend much of our day in front of a computer. Instead of this, you can spend your time in self-improvement. For ideas of what to do in this hour, read on

Also you can go for meditation. It helps. Especially if you have a very busy routine going. This will make you calm and refreshed. Meditation is such a powerful way to strengthen your mind and relax your body. For me, one of its main benefits is to help me focus on the now and stop worrying about the future or past.

Another thing is physical exercise. Before entering into middle age, no one usually cares for exercise. But this is a great way to start the morning, for every ages. If you have ever exercised in the morning, you will know how good it makes you feel for the rest of the day. Some ideas include hitting the gym, riding to work, going for a swim, running, and yoga or even just having a stretch.

Have a nice and nutritious breakfast. If you skip breakfast, you will be not 100% in your every work. Make sure that you keep something healthy in your meal. If you eat cereal, make sure it is whole grain with lots of fiber and little to no added sugar. Also, you can try adding some fresh berries, dried fruit, or sliced almonds to your cereal. Then again, if you are sick of cereal, try a breakfast shake. You can also plan for your whole day while eating breakfast or skim through the newspaper.

The morning is the ideal time to listen to motivational podcasts and audio books. Personally, I love the feeling in the morning that there is a day of endless possibilities ahead. Also, if you need to travel to work or school, it's a great way to make the most of the commute. The writer is schooling with BRAC University.  She can be reached at

-Ishrat Binte Aftab

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