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Inevitable foods for us

Inevitable foods for us

People often don't think too much about their food items. I mean what would be good for their physical condition and health, most of the time they don't care for that. Especially when they are living away from their family. For various working purposes often people take their foods from restaurant and other food-places. We have to be more conscious on those moments to choose our food-items. Whether we won't be sensible to take foods from outside of home, many stomach related malady and trouble ensued in us; gastritis, ulcers and stomach cancer are among them. We need to be more aware to avoid these types of torment and disturbances. To have sound health and physic we have to maintain a proper food habit, no matter if there would be some additional inconveniences. Here is a very common idea of food habit, which every body should take regularly.

1.    Tomato: It's known as the super food. For various food value tomato is called so. Tomato contains plenty of Lycopene, it's very effective to protect you from colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, heart problems and reduce other cholesterol troubles of the body. So we have to keep tomato in our everyday food-item.

2.    Grains: Red rice, wheat flour and Oats like grain foods are highly beneficial for health. This item contains large amount of vitamins, mineral, pholaita, bayotina and fiber. From there vitamin-B will reduce ennui and bayotina will protect you from hair-fall. Analysis got the proves that pholaita good for male sexual health.

3.    Garlic: No one can ever think to have raw garlic, especially men always keep them away from this item. Eating raw garlic every day you can get rid of heart problems easily. Because raw garlic can reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

4.    Broccoli: A very disliking vegetable to many. But broccoli contains a large amount of Salaphorapheina, a very effective item which will give you protection from vesica cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.

5. Egg: Most of the time men suffer from hair fall problems. Baldness is very common problem for men. Egg will give you the way to get rid of this trouble. High protein of egg gives you protection to hair fall and helps to grow new hair on the scalp.


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