Published:  12:00 AM, 15 March 2017

Get sound sleep

Get sound sleep

Insomnia is a very common problem nowadays. Most of the time urban people are facing it, which is a very critical problem for working people, because we have to reach our work-place within time, whether we had sleep or not. So well-sleep is a very important thing for every buddy, especially for the working people. Without a good sleep we feel tired in our work-station, our mood became irritable and haughty and brings negative impact to our work. By having the proper importance to well-sleep, here are some tips to avoid insomnia.

1. Cumin is one of the very common ingredients of our cuisine, as well as a very common condiment to our kitchen. To get rid of insomnia cumin-tea is a native tips. We need to boil one tea-spoon roasted cumin with one cup water for some while. Then turn off the burner and let the cumin-boiled water cover. After several minutes let the water be filtered and keep off the cumin away. Now drink it and find the change. Noteworthy that by drinking such mixture regularly within a week your insomnia tendency would be remarkably reduced.

2. Banana has plenty of amino acid, called Tryptophan. Along with it Potassium and Magnesium are also available in banana. These natural things help to relax our muscles. To have sound sleep you may take a banana-cumin paste, made from a ripe banana and one tea-spoon cumin powder. Before go to bed you just take this paste regularly and within a week the deserving result would come in front you.

3. Milk contains a large amount of calcium, which help us to stay away from insomnia. To keep this matter appropriate we need to take one glass warm milk with half tea-spoon cinnamon powder just before one hour to bed. Taking it regularly your wakefulness would be remarkably reduced.

These are just some tips to boost your sound sleep tendency, against insomnia. But along with these, definitely we have to maintain a regular time- schedule for sleeping time. We have to sustain the certain time for go to bed, anyhow we need to maintain it, whether we are eager enough to have the sound sleep. And our sleeping environment needs to be quiet, calm and dismal.

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