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Philosophical trait of Bangabandhu

Philosophical trait of Bangabandhu

Everybody is sent to this world with a mission. Bangabandhu was sent to give us a free nation. The central theme Bangabandhu's philosophical beliefs and political wisdom were to: Love your country and countrymen with your heart; Speak the truth under all circumstances even when his life was at risk; Create equal opportunities for all and protect his country from deprivation of any kind; Spread love and affection towards grass root common people and protect the interest of vulnerable groups; Always kept his head high with unusual courage and honesty; worked relentlessly to create a society where there will be no poverty, hunger and injustice; Always stand-by for causes of helpless, poor and needy by supporting them without any reservation; He was a person who was rationally and sensibly calm especially during circumstances when his life is at stack; Bangabandhu's love for nature was unusual and his vision was not only to protect the natural beauty of Bangladesh but to preserve, enhance and expose the beauty to the wider world; Bangabandhu acquired his philosophical belief from his unusual courage, honesty, sincerity, his love for his country, and of course through his physical presence in all odd circumstances.

 His mingling style with common people cannot be explained with words and his understanding about the needs &wants, sorrows &happiness of poor people was phenomenal; he was a wise man who is calm in all circumstances and rational in all perception. All of his philosophical beliefs mentioned above were reflected in his character, action, judgments and utterances. Bangabandhu's mission was to achieve the freedom from the oppression and suppression with saintly courage, determination and organized efforts by uniting everyone under one platform and under one ideological belief i.e. the historical 6-point demand of Bangabandhu.

His magical power to inspire common people I have seen him leading a very simple life. His love for people had no bounds. He loved everyone with his heart especially the poor, the needy and the helpless lot. He helped everyone with everything even beyond his capacity to alleviate the sufferings of the grass root people. One of the best examples was his "expression of solidarity with the causes of fourth class employee's demand" for which he was severely punished but he did move away from his stand. He never forgot that his origin came from rural areas and he always thrived to helped rural and poor people even when his own life was at risks. His unusual courageous voice with a kind heart, amazing love, astounding kindness, sensational feeling, for common people and the Mother Nature were his magical power to motivate people who have sacrificed their life honoring Bangabandhu's call during language movement in 1952 and during war of independence in millions.

He never gave up any of his mission in the face of any resistance from the government. So it is no wonder that he has been awarded with the titles of "The best Bengali soul of Thousand Years" and "The best Bengali Soul the Bengal has ever produced" and the writer would like to add that "Bangabandhu is the Best Political Figure the World has ever seen in the past and will ever produce in the future".
His power of motivation is unique. There is no other example in the history that the entire country began the war of independence just because of one man's call. They fought for the country, died in the millions and eventually clinched the victory and the new born Bangladesh was liberated on 16 December, 1971. The writer is Executive Director, Bangladesh Tourism Consultants Society Limited (BTCS)

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