Published:  02:02 AM, 28 March 2017

How can we lead a good life

How can we lead a good life

It is innate human nature to have an intention to lead a good or peaceful life together with other members of the society. It is also a hidden desire that other members of the society will recognize and praise the virtue of his personality. But, to be personally acceptable to all is a very tough. Virtue is the source of tranquilities of human mind which can only be attained by someone's effort that does not generally remain inbuilt in human nature. All the great men of all ages achieved this goodness by their perseverance.

In this epicurean capitalist society, people are scuttling to be happy and successful in many ways by their own thoughts or concepts of life. Most of the people are rushing for more money, power, fame and beautiful women.  As though, they have made these materialistic things as the sole objectives of their lives. But, if we deeply look into the so called materially developed world (UK, USA, France, Japan etc.), it is observed that their materialistic secular life has failed to make them happy in terms of the purpose of the society i.e social bond (togetherness), social security, mental tranquility and producing morally or ethically good human beings .

Their materialistic busy life has made weak family and social bondage with weak moral character which is observed in the highest leaders or celebrities of America those who are blamed with different unethical activities in their social life. In the capitalist world their family life is going to be fully destroyed creating different abnormal socio-biological relationship. Moreover, their concept of individualism is creating isolation among the members of the society which is the main failure of the purpose of the human society.

Actually, the purpose of our society is not only economic and technological development rather it is to develop strong social bond (social relationship), social security and mental peace. Interesting information is found from UK-based New Economics Foundation (NEF) released 'World Happiness Report' where the position of Bangladesh is better than USA, UK, Japan and India. Bangladesh has been ranked eighth greenest and happiest country among 140 nations. Wealthy western nations, however, faired poor in the ranking.

The UK ranked at 34, Germany 49, Japan 58, China 72, Australia 105 and the US 108. UK-based New Economics Foundation (NEF) released its 'World Happiness Report' on 31 July 2016]. Accordingly, we who very often cite examples of western culture and life style as the model of development and success are in big mistake. Only higher per capita income does not ensures happiness. We should absorb nutrients by our roots from our soil that means to develop ourselves and to nurture our young generation following our indigenous positive values, life style and culture. We should never enslave blindly of the foreign or western culture which is dangerous for our national peace, strength and independence.  The people who have made the objective of their lives only to gain more money, power and women, are in dangerous mistakes. For example, only to get a good grade in exam should not be the target of the students and educational institutions, rather to build a peaceful human being with virtue.

Many people of our society find many ways to get relief from the burden of hectic life which is day by day creating many psychological problems in capitalist or new capitalist countries like us. Some are attending in meditation, Yoga or something else but the root of happiness is hidden in the correct concept of life (knowledge), the life before here and hereafter. The creator who has created the human beings, society and this universe, sets the objective of our life through which human being can gain the real happiness, prosperity and for both individual and social life for all ages in the world. If we can create a good relationship with our creator through our good work and worship, we can enjoy the real peace and tranquility in our body and mind because the almighty creator sent the creatures with innate nature of worshiping him by which human being feels enormous mental satisfaction. Hence, Allah, the Creator of the human beings deserves highest level of love and respect, then his messenger who has carried his message to the humanity, then parents and later the relatives, friends and colleagues.

Either in the student life or in the official life, we need to do planned work with punctuality realizing the institutional demand. Moreover, in our personal, family or social life it is the most important job to try to read others mind or to realize others demand (Robiul Islam, 2016) and to give effort accordingly sacrificing self interest as much possible.

We should never be perfectionist or to try gaining 100% success from our effort or by others (Husband, wife, friend, relative & colleague). Because, firstly, a person who provides 100% good service regularly for you, he/she sacrifices many things (happiness) to satisfy you (Mohammad Shourov, 2016). Secondly, if your expectation is very high, even your good result can make you frustrated. Therefore, it is wise to do your duty with your best effort, dedication and in the most beautiful way.For the result of the effort we should rely on Allah (SWT) because we can take initiative but every result of effort comes from our creator.

Leadership is called as the art of working together. For great work and achievement great perseverance and great attitude should be carry out by the person. Especially rudeness or misbehavior should never be shown to your colleague or friend for any kinds of mistake or crime. Rude behaving person generally cannot make good friendship or colleague with others and we must remember that a good friend can be one of the most precious assets for our lives. It is proved by science or religion man cannot take correct decision in an angry mood. That is why anger is considered with hellfire in Islam.

The great Socrates told that there is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance. His great student also echoed the same that Knowledge is virtue. Correct knowledge, reason, wisdom only can give peace in our life and tranquility in our mind. Furthermore, continuous effort of earning knowledge for our working field makes us more skilled and qualified for the institution as well as the society. Not only subjective knowledge (educational higher degree) but also correct religious knowledge (Islam) and social knowledge make a man more conscious and smart in his life.

Source of knowledge is soul (Al-Kindi & Kant). Every man must spend a fixed time regularly solitarily for negotiating with his conscience and his creator for his day to day work behavior and worship. Self criticism is the best way to develop one's proactive personality, quality and skill. And criticizing others at their back is the symptom of the worst type of personality for the social life which gradually create inferiority complex in that person's mind. On the other side, self criticism and contemplation for spiritual development of a person can really make him/her happy in this personal, social life as well as in the life hereafter.

And it also helps him to understand one's own type and mentality, strength and weakness that help a person to realize, to take correct decision in life as well as to play correct role understanding his personality in his official arena and social life. Likewise, solitary time will improve one's thinking capacity, productivity and creativity. This regular practice will build a good relation with himself and the creator which will generate immense enlighten knowledge, reason and virtue for his soul and 'social personality' that is the secret of success of all the great men, scientists and prophets or messengers in the world of all the ages.

The most significant matter is people want to keep them happy for every moment but most of the time they do not follow the correct way or do the proper work. Many dream of doing something great but don't dedicate great effort and consistent work to fulfill that. The above ideas may show a way of eternal happy and prosperity fora peace finder heart.  The writer is a researcher and Assistant Professor of BGS (Social Science Faculty) in Scholars' School & College, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

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