Third World War is coming!

Published:  01:20 AM, 23 April 2017

Is it the final apocalypse for human race?

Is it the final apocalypse for human race? North Korean soldiers with President Kim Jong Un.

The ongoing geopolitical circumstances across the world are generating echoes of the Third World War. The idea of Third World War is no longer being viewed as just a fictional work by global analysts. Rather a massive worldwide mayhem and bloodshed is ominously looming ahead of us. The prevailing tensed situation between Russia and United States, military trouble between North and South Korea, the existing Syria war, war in Iraq, ceaseless war in Afghanistan, the clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces, continuous military strife between India and Pakistan, ethnic collisions in Myanmar and similar bleak phenomenon in many more places on the planet make us seriously worried about an enormous catastrophe throughout the world which can destroy human civilization leading to the doom's day which was long back predicted by different religions like the final destruction of the world is known as "Qiyamat" in Quranic terms or "Apocalypse" in Christian theology . 

Vladimir Putin with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. Putin has furiously reacted to US air attack on Syria.

The US air force has recently carried out severe missile attacks on Syria. Following this attack, Russia has warned US not to repeat such invasion while it cannot be stated for sure that the United States will listen to Russia's cautionary signals. If a war breaks out between Russia and United States or between the allies of these two superpowers, it goes without saying that would lead the world to ultimate devastation.

Muslim majority countries across the Middle East have been facing tremendous threats due to intense political turmoil getting aggravated day by day due to rise of radical groups and the glaring Palestine issue. Militant gangs and fanatic groups are killing innocent people in various countries. These militants are also responsible for the restless situation currently going on in Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Yemen and some more countries.

Nuclear race between countries like China, Pakistan, India, Russia and a few other nations is another nightmarish threat to global peace. Simultaneously, civil wars are going on viciously claiming innumerable lives in Congo, Ivory Coast, Mali, Sudan and so on. These regional wars have all the likelihood to worsen global scenario by getting connected with greater international conflicts.

If the United States once again attacks Syria, Russia is most likely to respond with its own military arsenals. That would be the most gruesome disaster we have ever witnessed. If nuclear warfare is triggered between the superpowers, sustenance of life on earth will become extinct in no time. Nuclear warfare will spearhead holocausts throughout the world causing deaths of billions of people instantly.

People of the world have not yet forgotten the traumatic consequences of atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two Japanese cities during the Second World War. The nuclear bombs of today's world are much more powerful and capable of instigating much higher magnitude of destruction beyond doubts. On the other hand, the missile showdowns by North Korea have been destabilizing peace in entire Asia casting dark shadows of trepidations on South Korea and Japan.

Even if some people are lucky enough to survive the Third World War, they will go back to 18th or 19th century. That means the world will be pushed back by several hundred years if Third World War really happens. All the achievements of the world in science and technology will be terminated and we will be thrown back into the medieval era.

The environmental resources of the world including all wild animals and birds will be eliminated if Third World War strikes. All trees, mountains and natural entities will meet horrendous eradication in that case. The planet on which we have been living for millions of years will turn into a mass grave with no living creatures.

A terrible military scuffle is likely to begin involving United States and North Korea too. In the same way, the rising anxiety between Iran and United States bears indication of another warlike circumference coming up to get hold of us.

According to reports published through different media sources, Russia has currently 7, 300 nuclear bombs, USA has 6, 970 nuclear bombs, France has 300 nuclear bombs, China has 260 nuclear bombs, Britain has 215, Israel has 80, Pakistan has approximately 110, India has around 120 and North Korea has over 10 nuclear bombs. All these figures show that the world is at risk of entering a deadly nuclear combat catching us off-guard which is likely to bring about the final annihilation of this planet.

The leaders of the powerful countries of the world should come up without delay for a consolidated anti-war standpoint to protect us from further bloodshed and violence. We need to save future generations from the direness of war and invasions.

Having strong military arsenals doesn't approve the idea of invading weaker states on the basis of controversial pretexts. Most of the neutral observers vehemently deplore the involvement of the civilized west in wars and bloodshed around the world. The western authorities led by the United States should act with a benign attitude towards the global masses who love peace, not war. Let's look forward to a world free of war and free of forced occupation of territories. The global leaders should make sure that innocent people don't have to pay the price for political blunders.

Possible World War Three would bring about ultimate termination of the world.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan commemorates the victims of Second World War.

Pearl Harbor Memorial in USA recalling American soldiers killed during World War II.

Donald Trump has warned Russia over military involvement with Syrian war.

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