Published:  01:16 AM, 15 May 2017

How to keep spotless ankle, knee and elbow

How to keep spotless ankle, knee and elbow

Often for rubbing, pressure or some other reasons elbow, knee and ankle got some definite black spots. These happen for the cause of dead skin. For various daily life activities and purposes, we use our elbow, knee and ankles. Our elbows often rubbed on table, knees often got scratch on floor or some other places for many intentions, and thus the dark black spots occur on our skin. It looks very bizarre, when we put on sleeveless or shots. These black spots are more than odd for girls and women. Whatever your skin color is - such type of spots could appear on your skin, whether there is the lack of proper take care.

Mostly during summer you have to wear shot sleeves or sleeveless dress, and along with this the sun is also available with its skin-burning sunshine; so we need to take some extra care for our skin and on their black spots. For that, you can easily visit some salon or beauty parlor and spend a smart amount of your money. Whether there would be the other way, through which you can take the deserving care for your skin; and if this way would be the homely one, then that's the surprising.

Here are some surprising and easy homely tips to keep away your elbow, knee and ankle from unexpected dark black spots. Very interesting thing is, the tips we are going to have - are totally based on homely available ingredients and always essential for our cuisine.

Baking soda: Through it you can easily clean your skin. It's very helpful to reduce the black spots of your skin. With it you need just little amount of milk. Mix 1 table spoon of baking soda with the required amount of milk, make a paste from them and use on your dark spot of knee, ankle and elbow. Use it once per 2 days and within 4 - 6 weeks you will find the changes.

Honey, turmeric and milk: Turmeric got antiseptic merits and milk is often using to clean our skin. Along with the antiseptic value of honey is also known to all and honey can add moisture to our skin. Natural merits of this ingredient can give us the way to get rid of dark spot of knee and ankle. Make a paste with milk, honey and little amount of turmeric powder. Use it on the dark spots and wait for 20 minutes to make them dry enough. Now with wet hand rub the dry paste on there for 3 minutes and wash them with clean water. You may find a deserving visible change on your skin by using it regularly.

Sugar and olive oil: This treatment is best for the person, who got the natural dry skin. In this process, olive oil adds moisturizers and sugar reacts as the cleansing. Make a thick paste with sugar and olive oil. Use it on the dark spots of your ankle, knee and elbow; rub it there well for at least 5-7 minutes. Wash with clean water and mild soap. Follow this once daily for 4 - 6 weeks and I'm sure you may find a positive visible result on your skin.

Lemon and honey: Lemon is often used as the natural cleansing and honey got the ability to adds moisture to your skin. Both them together can protect your skin from to be darker. Take whole of juice from a medium size lemon. Mix 1 table spoon honey with it and use it on the dark spots of your skin. Wait at least 20 minutes to activate the mixer on your skin. And wash that all with clean normal water. To find the better result follow this method 3 times a week.

Olive oil: It has the natural merit of cleansing. It can make fresh and softer the rough and churlish dry skin of your ankle, knee and elbow. Dark spots grown from various scratch, pressure and dryness - can be cure with olive oil. Rub warm olive oil on affected spots of your skin for at least 10 - 15 minutes daily; you find a definite visible positive result on your skin.

Cocoa butter and Shea butter: These natural fats are great source of moisturizer and help your skin remain softer. They are also good to remove dark spots, which are caused by dryness and rough skin. Use cocoa butter or shea butter daily, before go to your bed and within 6 - 8 weeks you will find the changes on your skin.

Aloe vera gel: Use of aloe vera gel helps you to reduce dark spots on your skin; especially dark spots of ankle, knee and elbow. It helps to repair your damage skin. Use of aloe vera gel gain moisture on your skin and reduce the dryness of your skin, thus your skin will immune from being darker. Take out the fleshy gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf. Use it on the dark spots of your ankle, knee and elbow, wait for at least 30 minutes and wash with clean water. You will find a natural change on the dark spots of your skin by using it regularly.

Vinegar and yogurt: These two ingredients are used together to remove dark spots on skin. Both these are well enough as cleansing and help your skin to retain natural moisture. Make a thick paste with vinegar and yogurt and use it on your dark spots. Wait until the paste become dry on your skin. Now rub well on those spots for 3-5 minutes and wash them with clean water. Follow this method for once per 3 days. After 4 - 6 weeks you will find a deserving visible change on your skin.

The writer is a beauty  expert and working  with multinational company

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