Published:  03:22 PM, 18 May 2017

6 reasons why you should live alone once in your life

6 reasons why you should live alone once in your life

Whether or not by choice, everyone at some point gets a chance to live alone. We call it a chance because it really comes with advantages that you would never even understand, let alone get if you refrain from it. It's a way of life that everyone needs to try at least once. While it makes you a stronger individual, it also has a fun side to it! It's a brave choice and be tough in the beginning, but trust us you won't regret it. These reasons should be enough to convince you!

1.You're accountable for your own self

No more blaming or slamming responsibilities on others. Bill not paid, trash not cleared, fancy conditioner over in a week, you know who to hold responsible for that. Excuses are no more an option! You will eventually evolve into a more responsible person and give up on the habit of unnecessarily relying on other people.

2. You stop fearing it

Many people are unsure if they're capable of handling everything on their own and make a big deal out of living alone. But once you actually start, you will know that you're totally fine as you start to get a hang of it. You'll realize that you don't need others to fulfill you or share your responsibilities. It gives you an unparalleled confidence boost.

3. No judgment, whatsoever!

Binge watch the lamest of shows, hog like there's no tomorrow, dance on that latest pop number or roam around in your most tattered underwear, you have no one watching you! You would never have tasted freedom the way you would when you live alone.

4. You discover a lot about yourself

You would be surprised to discover the different sides to your own personality and understand your likes, dislikes, behavioral patterns better. You would have more time to meditate, explore your hobbies. You will subconsciously introspect more without letting too many opinions affecting you.

5. You will learn to have your routine in place

You can come home or take a shower or eat whenever. You would no more depend on your roommate's office timings to take a shower or your mom yelling at you to eat on time. No more banging the washroom door when you're getting late and your roommate seems to be in a mood for a luxury bath. You will have your routine in place at your own convenience.

6. You genuinely start to enjoy being with others,by choice

Being around people is no more forced. When you are, you're choosing to be, well mostly. You wouldn't have to watch that boring movie, or entertain people when you're tired and sleepy. Socializing or hanging out with friends becomes a choice and hence you start to enjoy those times way more than before.

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