Published:  01:03 AM, 11 June 2017

The poet is clear and honest in expression

The poet is clear and honest in expression Batasher Boitha by Quazi Rosy, Publisher - Ittadi Grantha Prokash in February 2017

Main Uddin Ahmed is  surprised by the penchant, luster, attachment and competency of the  versifier

Quazi Rosy is the winner of many awards. Syed Shamsul Haq once lauded her for inclusion of the people differently able in her poems. That was only one side of her poetry subjects. We, luckily, got in hand her latest Bengali poetry book 'Batasher Boitha', published in February by Ittadi Grantha Prokash of Dhaka which is also available in US (Muktadhara) and in UK (Sangeeta). There is an online edition also.

This 160-page compilation of poems, written by Quazi Rosy, who is also a Member of Parliament, needs a special look as it is rich for containing many aspects. First, we can draw the attention of the readers at the subject matters of her poems. A wide range of subjects were accommodated in her poems.

She enriched her poems selecting subjects from Bangabandhu to Poet Rafik Azad. She deeply felt and depicted her feelings in poems' structure favorite subjects like Sheikh Hasina, Shirin Sharmin, Liberation War, budget, life, love, death, sorrow and what not. While writing all the emotion choked issues her intellect was seen contained by feelings and when she makes a comeback with all her poetic virtues, she simply dazzles with sincerity.

A reader can discover Quazi Rosy as a person clear and honest in expressing all her heart and soul affairs and she hides nothing. All are disclosed in poetry lines and she likes to say directly. Rosy did not forget to declare hate for terrorism which expresses her desire for a greater peace. Her poems also describe country's development in poetry form.

Quazi Rosy, in the wide area of her book, wrote about her feelings for Bangabandhu, his family, freedom fighters, independence and Bangamata also. A long-time cancer patient, Rosy, when writes about self, we can discover the pain she bears in her feelings. We the readers will stay with the hope that this sincere poet will present much more for her readers in future also. Live long, dear poet. Readers are waiting.

The book reviewer is an Assistant Editor of The Asian Age

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