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The truth of loving wife is beauty personified

The truth of loving wife is beauty personified Esho Shashwata Nari Rupe by Wahidul Haque, Publisher -Pathak Shamabesh

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the love. In the context of romantic love relationships, romance usually implies an expression of one's strong romantic love, or one's deep and strong emotional desires to connect with another person intimately or romantically. Historically, the term "romance" originates with the medieval ideal of chivalry as set out in its chivalric romance literature.

 At its most idealistic, conjugal love can be one of the greatest expressions of human love. When man and woman genuinely and purely love one another, there is complete harmony between them in body, mind, and soul. When their love is expressed in its highest form, it results in a perfect unity.

The poetical work under the name and style of: "Esho Shashwata Nari Rupe, a poetical work on conjugal love", is authored by Wahidul Haque, a Bangladesh, hitherto known as an information specialist, editor and translator. With emergence of this book, I hope he also has enrolled his name as the poet-hood in the poetical circle of Bangladesh.

We know that it is the duty of every husband and wife to obey the command given to them to multiply and replenish the earth so that the legions of choice spirits waiting for their souls or flesh may come here and move forward under great design to become perfect souls, for without these fleshly tenacity, they cannot progress to their planned destiny.

Dylan Thomas has aptly written:"Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, prickle, be silent, makes your toe nails twinkle, makes you want to do this or that or nothing, makes you know that you are alone in the unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever shared and forever all your own." The book is a clear manifestation of conterminous of a couple's felicitous conjugal life.

When nature opens its arms for people to see its power; it often will be either a good sight or a bad sight. Either way, both sides are beautiful in their own ways. When the earth combines its power with its weakness, it sets off a gorgeous perfume in the air. The world and its nature are both very fragile things by themselves and in their own ways. But when you read the poems, you will not find anything that lacks substance or significance. The author's poetic grace places a warm smile upon our face as his talent is shining ever so brightly for his readers to savor just a little more of us.

You feed our appetites with a poetic pleasure that quickly becomes a keepsake treasure. Wahid is a gem and I admire his brilliance of heartfelt words of art. We should thank him for giving us more of his world of… and his wonderful gift of words. It is such a pleasure to see the poet's poetic pens ink flowing across sheets of paper as we, as readers, eagerly await his next poetic caper. Chinese proverb reminds us: "If I keep a green bough in my heart the singing bird will come."

Mankind's life is short and full of sorrows and sufferings…, yet human being still yearns to live a long, long life. In his classical poems, such ideas are shown and expressed frequently. The poet tries to say in his poems the things may live and die, rise and fall, this everlasting love applies to all.

The natural world is finite and vast, while human life is brief and soon is passed. He has pursued an eternal life with her charming wife. Like Rita Dove, Wahid has not forgotten "Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful" and so, he has felt the urge of writing such a magnificent book of poetry.

In face of flowers, I write this poesy to vent my feelings: man's life is short and full of cares and strife, yet man still yearns to live a long, long life and the poems may give relief some of mania care, and chrysanthemums of them will allow the readers for years to space.

 The desire to look attractive is universal and Wahid has been living with her for so many years, a fastidious about her appearance. It is like a pine stands on the cliff, so slender, so slender, stands there like a captivating woman, so tender, so tender-hearted.

 Full of energy and full of vigor, the poems give an exhibition to interested poetry lovers to walk for immense pleasure into an aesthetic world of literature. It is through the mythology that the poet expresses his wish to live and pass for an immortal world.
The pictures of his wife that the poet has used in his book speak highly of the pictures, the figure is very vivid, and each picture is a great piece in the book.

It is like the book, is a series of strung memories, slow songs, copper streetlights dancing over the bright blue sky,... first kisses yet to be re-shared, poems yet to be re-read. I don't know how to undo, pulse punching through me every moment I first read the poems, and the songs of love that I have been enjoying. It is as if my world is not only my world; it is your world, her world, his world, our world. The lines of their world are defined.

The poet is creating...Attraction is a stepping stone in finding love and beauty comes with it and if you read the poems of this book, you will have a firm conviction of Matterhorn. True "Poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession of definition" as said by Eli Khamarov.

The shots of poems consist of manly medium, high angle and low angle shots. The lover uses ... poetic color as symbolic of good. He is found in a good mood or is having something happy happen to him always because of his beloved wife; it may seem that the poetical colors are all saturated with a golden hue everywhere in the book as well as in the pictures.

The lights look gold and it is as if all the actors' faces are covered with golden morning sunlight. Into the world of vivid descriptive words which he has placed deliberately is to emphasize the story of his deep love. He emphasizes the near waterless creek with nothing to relieve the... eye.

 The reader can visualize the friendly landscape and the love in which it must take place in order to live there, this allows the story to open up and introduce the characters in which are as touching as the environment they live in. He not only allows the readers to visualize the surroundings but focuses on the deep love.

I can imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it more than once. Love is something more stern and splendid than mere kindness. Love may forgive all infirmities and love still in spite of them: but love cannot cease to will their removal. At present, we are on the outside of the world, the wrong side of the door. We discern the freshness and purity of the morning, but they do not make us fresh and pure.

 We cannot mingle with the splendors we see, but these poems make us splendorous. "Poetry is ordinary language raised to the nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words"and these words of Paul Engle are true to the case of poet Wahidul Haque.

Don Marquis is relevant here when he says: "Publishing a volume of verse is like dropping a rose-petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo."Knowledge can last, principles can last, habits can last; but feelings come and go... But, of course, ceasing to be in love need not mean ceasing to love. Love in this second sense-love as distinct from being in love is not merely a feeling.

It is a deep unity, maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit; reinforced by the grace which both partners ask, and receive, from God... Being in love first moved them to promise fidelity: this quieter love enables them to keep the promise. It is on this love that the engine of marriage is run: being in love is the explosion that started it. Enough has been thought, and said, and felt, and imagined.

 It is about time that something should be done and the poet has done it by right. The sweetest thing in all his life has been the longing-to reach the beloved one, to find the place where all the beauty came from. He feels her absence is like the sky, spread over everything. Lovers claim it as their own, its symbols smile upon the land, wrought by nature's wondrous hand; and in her silent beauty speak of life and joy, to those who seek for true love and sunny hours.

The heroine in these poems is like a beautiful star shaped flower. Red rose symbolizes immortal love and passion. A daffodil bouquet gifted to a person ensures happiness. Lilacs signify the first emotions of love and white lilacs symbolize youthful innocence. Lilacs also stand for confidence and pride. She is like a lilac to him. Daisies are completely positive in nature and are associated with purity, innocence, love, loyalty, beauty and patience. They are fondly known as the symbol of patience and talisman of love. This love story symbolizes friendship, long lasting beauty, devotion, commitment and care.

Each poem may also be considered as a symbol of love, hope and happiness. Each poem is a flower and this flower is also a symbol of power and represents feminine beauty and dominance. They also symbolize love and long for a person and indicate dignity and respect. A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.

The true poem rests between the words. Famed poet Beecher correctly said: "Poetry is the robe, the royal apparel, in which truth asserts its divine origin."Walk in your power every day. Flow in it. Play with it. Laugh in the face of every step and who dares to tell you that they are not beautiful. You have the authoritative power to decide how you want to feel about the world; your situation and even your beloved one.

You own your body. You own your life experience. Walk in your power. Be grateful you have the channel. Make men earn it. Set its bounty very high. Not everyone deserves to taste or touch. Time is limited. Everyone doesn't deserve an appointment. Pablo Neruda reminds us: "Poetry is an act of peace" and the poems he has written are an act of peace and tranquility.

(The 2nd part of the review will be appeared in next issue)

The reviewer is a freelance writer

--Anwar A. Khan

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