Published:  01:46 PM, 04 July 2017

[WATCH] Five year old daughter has a boyfriend

One dad was not too happy to hear his daughter had a boyfriend - at five years old.

'Who told you you could have a boyfriend?' flustered dad Quis asks his adorable daughter Daliyah after she informs him that she had a boyfriend named Cameron as the family sits in a restaurant.
'Who the hell is Cameron?' the dad wants to know. 'Boyfriend my a**!' 

'How long have you been with him?' Quis demands.
'One,' the girl says.
'One what?'
'One time,' she said, sending the dad into shocked hysterics.
'Nope!' mother and blogger Chaela, can be heard saying behind the camera. The couple upload photos of their cute kids' antics on YouTube.

After some more grilling, it comes out that Daliyah has been playing with Cameron in the park after daycare.
'How old do you have to be to get a boyfriend?' asks Quis.
'Twenty,' says the little girl.
'So how old is you?'
'That's a long damn way off,' he says.

She demands to know why her brother can have a girlfriend if she can't have a boyfriend.
'We're talking about you,' the dad says. 'I'm gonna get on his ass later.'

He then asks how the boyfriend treats her. 'Do he buy you the finer things?' he asks.
She nods, somewhat warily.

'Do he got a job?' he asks as the video ends.

The adorable video has received 4.5million views on Facebook and received almost 7,000 comments. 
Adorable as the video was, it caused some controversy online. 

Many people were unhappy with the dad for using swear words while talking to the little girl and chastizing her over something so innocent. 
Still others thought it was nice that the dad was so involved and concerned and saw the video as nothing but some fun ribbing. 

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