Published:  01:39 PM, 06 July 2017 Last Update: 01:42 PM, 06 July 2017

[WATCH] Dad who could not afford a trip to Disneyland

Disneyworld may be a dream holiday for children but many families cannot afford to go there.

However the prohibitive cost for one family did not deter an inventive dad from treating his daughter to the Disneyworld experience.

'My daughter wanted to go to Disneyworld, but since it's too expensive we did the next best thing,' the unnamed doting dad said.

So the dedicated dad decided to bring Disneyworld home to his daughter.

He first finds video footage of the ride and plays it on a large screen.
He then places the little girl in a blue plastic container.

He lifts her up high, face close to the screen, and moves her around in front of the video footage, simulating the ride and making noises to increase the ‘live’ feel.
'We're going on a roller coaster,' he says.

'And higher,' he says as he pretends to trundle  the little girl up the giant roller coaster tracks.
Judging by the little girl’s giggling and delighted laughs, it was a very successful, and very good value trip to Disneyworld.

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