Published:  01:08 AM, 12 July 2017

Role of training in human resource development

Role of training in human resource development

Training and human resource development co-exist. They are like the two sides of a coin. These things remain hidden and latent in everyman. With good leadership and managerial capabilities they flourish. Human resource development (HRD) is the framework for helping employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge and abilities.

Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance and organizational development. Personality and personality development is one of the key concepts in HRD. By personality we mean the traits and characteristics that make up on individual's psyche and determine how he or she interacts with their environment. Personality is determined by a number of factors including the traits that one is endowed with as a result of genetic factors and characteristics that have been developed due to his or her interactions with the environment.

The field of human resource development encompasses several aspects of enabling in empowering human resources in organization. Where as, earlier HRD was denoted as managing people in organizations with emphasis on payroll, training and other functions that were designed to keep employees happy, the current line of management though focuses of empowering and enabling them to become employees capable of fulfilling their aspirations and actualizing their potential.

The field of HRD spans several functions across the organization starting with employee recruitment and training, appraisals and payroll and extending to the recreational and motivational aspects of employee development. Further, the field of HRD now has taken a role that goes beyond employee satisfaction and instead, the focus now is one ensuring that employees are delighted with the working conditions and perform their jobs according to their talent and potentials which brought to the fore.

The training programs need to be implemented according to a rational consideration of training needs and more over these training programs need to be evaluated for assessing their effectiveness. So, there are two aspects of training programs and they are to do with clear plan for implementation as well as potential evaluation of their effectiveness. Apart from this, training programs need to be implemented based on a calendar that is drawn up taking into account the availability of participants.

Motivation is one of the most important concepts in HRD. Motivation of employees is needed important for the health of the companies. Only when employees are motivated sufficiently, can give their best. Healthy organizations believe in human resource development and cover all of these basis. One option that I recommend, in preference to many other ways in which organizations develop employees, is to provide internal training either with internal staff or a paid facilitator or consultant.

Nation's progress depends on human resources development. If people of state become proactive, dynamic it will be highly contributive with the skill, they possess. In the present competitive world, only the fittest will survive, others can not. If the youth of the country want to stand on their own feet by achieving the job excellence, nation will undoubtedly make a stand towards the momentum of development.

In our country, there are people from different professionals are well trained, achieve skill, they would be able to perform in high degree with better result. And finally a resultant force will pull the nation to the befitting place, country will be highly ranked. Every professionals will be highly prestigious and dignified. No defame can defeat one's identity. People will be very much practical minded and nation will take its place of reputation and honor.

Our students, farmers, businessman, lawyers, cultural activists and politicians all must achieved the practical implications in their learning session, that is, for development of every professional he/she must have the practical demonstration, so that the pros and cons are well visited. The problems are easily identified and get solved. Our students curriculum must be well designed, so that it is not burden only it theory. In this regard our curriculum must be goal oriented and of applied pattern.

As a result in future or real life, every student will come up as a creative man, good manager, good commander and good leader. So, every sphere of life training is part and parcel without which nation will fall. To overcome the situation, student must be prepared with practical knowledge. They should be well equipped from the very beginning of their student life. They must be good debate organizer, good performer and above all their think tanks must be very fertile. So, nation's target would be to make all people action oriented force.

All people coming from walks of life should be made highly skilled. If any fisherman from society have the knowledge of fishing and farmers have the knowledge in agricultural line it will help them. Again if any camera-man or a photographer can not a operate a camera and can not adjust the aperture hole and finally if it becomes the same practice for other instrument or apparatus holder the total output will be poor. So the citizen of the state must be capable to control the steering like a good boat-man to make it save from capsize. Many valuable lives and properties will be saved.

So, our aim would be to make skilled man power so that state is run effectively and efficiently. Everywhere we must represent ourselves as an expert boat-man. With this end in view, only training can play a pivotal role to make a worthy workforce of a country. The writer is Deputy Director General & Commandant (PRL) Ansar-VDP Academy, Safipur, Gazipur

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