Published:  01:43 AM, 14 July 2017

Bangladeshi nationals in British Parliament

Bangladeshi nationals in British Parliament

Civilization perhaps as a doctrine comes from Abraham Lincoln of United States of America. Democracy today is established in every state providing people with the equal rights and proper responsibilities according to ability. Democracy in all the countries establishes peace and tranquility. It also preserves peace and harmony among people of different casts and creeds, religions and tribes so that equality can be established in the country.

The fact that three Bangladeshi nationals have successfully been elected in the parliamentarian election in a territory like the UK really makes us proud. The three winners are Tulip Siddiq, granddaughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, our father of the nation and the daughter of Sheikh Rehana. The other two are Rushanara Ali and Rupa Huq. All the three have made a record of being elected for second time as the parliament members of the UK defeating their opponents with a great difference and bagging votes under the Labour party.

Franchise, according to the democratic view is the political right of the general people. But regretting that in our country, political game in the name of franchise is played no doubt. Exercising muscle power, vote rigging, nepotism etc are the common practice of the election. Winning party always claims that the election has been fair. But the defeating one claims election to be unfair and conspiring.

 The defeated party also says that muscle power has been exercised. So the election is undue, unfair and partial. Mud slinging is there in the political field. Political parties are concerned only of power, not for mass welfare. Chaotic tendency acts on here and there to cast votes. It is therefore necessary to take lesson from them of the UK election.

 To be elected as a Bangladeshi for the parliament of the UK is fully unimaginable for us, but it actually has happened. But they are accepted heartily there. They play the vital role in the government body and perform their responsibilities and an important role as a part of administrator.

 It is but an example for Bangladesh to hold such vital post in the state like UK. Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the 2nd hailed her at her official residence and instigated them for the important task for state development where in Bangladesh a chaotic mentality is seen among the political leaders rather than developing bilateral cooperation.

Opposition is opposition; this is the doctrine in our territory. Political personalities are rare to hold sympathetic consideration for each other. Only the throne is the main attraction to conquer. Philanthropy deeds and welfare activities done for the general mass is beyond expectation. We are now habituated to see the destructive and negative policy exercised by the political groups. Political stalemate is a general scene of our national assembly. But social welfare, philanthropy deeds, economic development, technological advancement etc are to be the mass demand and exploitation.

Tulip by blood is a social worker no doubt. But some are born great and some achieve greatness. We now wait for Tulip, Rushanara Ali and Rupa Huq for their bright and renowned prosperity in their respective duty towards state development of the UK which will bear the testimony of the greater leadership born in our land. Great men like Sher-e-Bangla A.K Fazlul Haque, and Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy who dedicated souls of our land never are mortal. Their patriotic devotion for the country is to be followed.

On the other hand, they were too much qualified. Because, education breeds politics and politics breeds leader. Leader conquers the leadership- this is the ethics. Mausoleum of the three political leaders beside the Supreme Court premises provoke our wards' awareness to be the same in life as a veteran politician as to why the whole nation will record their names in the history.

Britain reined our country for about two hundred years from 1757 to 1947 and now the three Bengali daughters are to govern the British people and it is our pride. Tulip Siddiq, Rushanara and Rupa Huq will really be dedicated leader there in the UK parliament. They won their seats by bagging thousands of votes more against their opponent candidates in the election held on 8th June 2017.

The writer is a former Deputy Director of Bangladesh Bank and now
lecturer in English, CCN University

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