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Published:  12:38 PM, 15 July 2017 Last Update: 05:20 PM, 15 July 2017

[WATCH] People who capture Cox’s Bazar memories

[WATCH] People who capture Cox’s Bazar memories

“Apu koyta chhobi tule dei?” this is one of the common things we hear in Cox’s Bazar Sea beach in recent time and it comes from the beach-side freelance photographers. 

Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea beach of the world, is one of the most popular destinations of the country. People come here all around the year to enjoy the sea beach and to make memories. To make the visitor’s memories more enduring some local photographers with DSLR camera are spotted in the sea beaches on Cox’s Bazar.  

From past few years smart phones have been available to people. Some even manage to buy DSLR and digital cameras for personal usages. But that didn’t lessen beach side photographers’ popularity.

Watch the video to know more about the beach-side freelance photographers: 

In the time of analog camera the procedure of their service was little expensive, but now with the digitalized equipment the service is getting more popular. The process of performing their profession has been changing dynamically to cope with the generation and to keep the customer attracted and they keep their equipment updated. 

In Cox’s Bazar, there are nearly 350 beach side photographers who live their lives by this profession. The Asian Age reporter has spoken to one of the oldest photographer in this profession Md Alamgir, who has been working in this area from 22 years. Alamgir is known as Fuzi Alamgir for his occupation now. 

Alamgir says at first when they had to print the photographs to deliver it to the customers, it was very costly for the customers to use this service. But now with the digitalization the service has got cheaper and even if the tourists have their own equipment to capture the photographs, they like to hire professional photographers in the beach.  

The beach-side freelance photographers are happy with their business as availability of camera in modern time is unable to decrease their customer and diminish their popularity. 

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