Published:  01:15 AM, 17 July 2017

Modi and Trump meet: An analysis

Modi and Trump meet:  An analysis

Recently US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meet for a prolonged interaction at posh White House in US's capital Washington D.C.  This is not the first visit of Modi after he was appointed Prime Minister of India way back in the year 2014 on the beginning of June 2014. After June 2014, Modi visited US several times prior to his halcyon days but this visit to US no doubt stands supreme significance.

Now India is under attack from all corners especially by South East Asian blocks as also South Asian ones. The visit of Indian Prime Minister to US will no doubt boost confidence in ushering of bilateral cooperation on all fields between India and US plus a security in South Asia especially as regards tirades initiated by Pakistan.

As per the operations of Saarc conglomerates are concerned we find that India is in a firm footing along with more close neighbor Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. The moot question which throngs my mind is that how the visit will bear fruit in the long run in relation to the global situation with twist and turn in South Asian continent.

How the visit of Indian Prime Minister's recent visit to US will turn out for us?
Very recently or just towards the fag end of June 2017, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a visit to US. There were multifarious purposes behind the visit but the moot point which could be extracted out was to meet the newly elected President of US Donald Trump, discussions about the present global situation and also terrorism which will enable global peace and calmness in the South Asian continent the aim of which will enable growth in South Asian continent.

As we are well aware that Bangladesh is playing astute roles in nabbing terrorism from the threshold of our societies concerned. India no doubt has got the upper edge in this regard. During the recent past the way Bangladesh nabbed creamy terrorists has been extremely praiseworthy. So India's concern is to maintain peace in the Sub Continent.

Apart from the above issues India's main concern is the driving out IT personnel from US which is not at all called for. In US at the present juncture there are quite good numbers of IT personnel in that country from India and other South Asian nation which is no doubt inclusive of Bangladesh. That is why visit attaches great importance not only from Indian standpoint but also from South Asian too. We are all well aware that Bangladesh depends to a greater extent upon India as per the peace and tranquility in South Asian continent exists. That is why the relations between two close and friendly Saarc nations in on its highest keel.

On other areas like supply of defense related equipments and exchange of high level technical expertise tops the key priorities during the visit of Modi to US. Modi also interacted with another noted IT expert Tim Cook, the chief executive officer of Apple. The way Peoples Republic of China is making inroads into South Asian continent so it is high time for India and other South Asian nations to involve deeply with US in order to maintain security within South Asian continent.

From the academic point of view concerned we find that there have been regular researches going on between India and US relations in relation to South Asian region. From Bangladesh there are some reputed scholars like Dr N.H. A. Abul Monsur and others who have done wonderful researches in the field like international diplomacy, relationship between India and US pertaining to South Asian continent. Hope with the passing away of time and space it is our sincerest endeavor and determination to strive our sincerest effort for betterment of bilateral relations between India and US in perspective to South Asian nations.

The writer is based in Kolkata

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