Published:  10:47 AM, 18 July 2017

Women enjoy sex more than men

Women enjoy sex more than men
When it comes to sex, women are usually perceived the dormant one in a heterosexual relationship as the man is supposed to do all the work while she just lays there.

But over the years, women have become more active in bed and even take initiative and have their own favorite sex positions. It is a known fact that men orgasm more than women as it takes longer for them to climax and simple penetration doesn’t always work. However, according to a new research by LoveHoney, a British website for erotic products, women enjoy sex more than men in today’s times. 

The study says that even though men orgasm more than women, the fact is that women have longer and more pleasurable orgasms than men. In fact, according to their findings, a woman’s climax is 25 per cent longer than a man’s. Woohoo, now that is something to be happy about, right? 

Not just this, they even timed the orgasm length and found that on an average, men’s climax time lasts for 8.7 seconds while a woman’s orgasm is usually 10.9 seconds long. What is also great is that women can achieve multiple orgasms while most men do not experience this so much. This means, women find sex much more pleasurable than men as they are also more empowered sexually and do not mind trying new things in the bedroom to satisfy their sexual appetite.

Books like Fifty Shades of Grey and erotic movies especially for women have also worked in today’s time because there is an audience for it and women are no longer shy of talking about sex and telling their partners what they like in bed.

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