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Easy diets for well nutrition

Easy diets for well nutrition

*    Spinach is called super food. It contains Vitamin A, B9, C, E, Beta carotene and Iron; which are essential to produce blood. Half cup boiled spinach contains 3.2 mg Iron, which can fulfill 20% of Iron to women's body. 

*    Beet has plenty of iron and by consuming it within a short helps to fulfill iron deficiency of blood. It increases red blood cells and keeps the regular oxygen supply into blood.

*    Tomato contains vitamin C which absorbs iron from other food ingredients. Experts are saying to have at least one tomato daily. Besides tomato also contains beta carotene, fiber and vitamin E.

*    Pomegranate has plenty of Iron and Vitamin C. It removes weakness, tiredness while keeping blood flow in the body. Anemia can go ways by taking pomegranate regularly. One glass pomegranate juice in daily breakfast would bring enormous benefits to our health.

*    Another source of iron is peanut butter. 2 table spoons of peanut butter contain 0. 6 mg of iron. If you do not like the taste of peanut butter, you can take simple peanuts. It also helps to produce iron into body. Besides, eggs, soybean, almond, sea fish, dates etc. have a plenty of iron which can prevent us from anemia.


There are some excellent health benefits to drinking warm milk along with honey. Every buddy knows about the health benefits of milk. And honey is called the healing food item to all.

*    Drink one glass warm milk with honey, it will give you energy although the day. Together the protein of milk and the carb of honey would stimulate your metabolism. Child or adult every one can take this mighty drink.

*  Many analyses have found that honey is the great transporter of food's nutrition to whole body. Especially the calcium of milk honestly transport by honey to our body. Thus milk-honey is not only providing the energy but also helps us to have strong and hard bones. And give protection against bone related diseases.

*    Worm milk and honey reduces stress by relaxing our nerves. Experts have the opinion that honey-milk drink is good to have sound sleep. Before go to bed take one glass honey-milk daily to get rid of insomnia.

*    Studies have found that milk and honey together works as an excellent and strong antibiotic. It helps to get rid of from constipation, stomach ache and cold cough. It also helps to have good digest.


*  Bitter gourd helps to purify our bloods. We can take regularly 2 ounce of bitter gourd juice with little lime juice early in the morning before breakfast, which can purify our blood within 4-6 months; as several studies have found that. And this can help us to get rid of Allergy-related problems.

 Adenosine Monophosphate-activated Protein Kinase is remarkably increases by taking bitter gourd. It is an enzyme which directly helps our body cells to contain more sugar into them. It also increases the inner metabolism of body cells' Glucose. This way helps to reduce our blood sugar.

 *   It contains plenty of Vitamin A and beta carotene, which are good for our eyes health. Through taking bitter gourd regularly disease resistance of our body incredibly increased. Which you can properly feel by get rid of silly seasonal diseases like: Cold-cough, viral fevers and flu.

*    Bitter gourd has a large fame as a flavor enhancer vegetable. Often indigestion and viral flu fever takes away the tastes from us. By taking it with various dishes, we can easily get rid of such unstable and hectic situation.

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