Published:  05:03 PM, 27 July 2017 Last Update: 05:08 PM, 27 July 2017

'Don't tell me to cheer up' says depressed people

'Don't tell me to cheer up' says depressed people

Despite national efforts to tackle the stigma around the subject of mental health, many people are still unsure of how to broach the subject.
Now, in a frank discussion on Reddit, people who suffer with depression have given an insight into what not to say. 

A user posed the question: 'Depressed People of Reddit what is the worst thing someone can say to you to try to cheer you up?'

It prompted a flood of responses from frustrated people on the forum - many of whom said they resented being told simply to 'cheer up'. 

The user wrote: 'Cheer up. I would always like to reply to this one with How? It usually shut people up quick [sic].'
Talk on the thread then turned to well-meaning people who advise those suffering with depression to 'stay positive'.

One person said: '"Just think happy thoughts and the sad ones will go away." Do you honestly think I would be depressed if getting rid of it was as simple as thinking of happy things? '
'"Happiness is a choice." You think I made the conscious decision to be like this?,' another agreed. 

A lot of the people sharing their stories recalled being told they had no reason to be depressed - despite depression often not being caused by circumstances. 

One said: 'Had a friend that told me I have no reason to be depressed because he'd been through more s*** than me. Decided to stop being friends straight away.'

While another user said they'd been told 'Depressed about what?! You have a great life. Get over it.' 

One respondent explained that people make poor judgements about depression because a lot of people don't understand the illness, saying: 'People simply don't understand what depression is, and what impact can it have on a person's life. 
'This is something that should be taught in schools, including how to avoid it.'

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