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Seasonal fruits in healing seasonal diseases

Seasonal fruits in healing seasonal diseases

Almost every house in the capital Dhaka has been attacked by Chikungunya. People affected by this fever have to suffer long time severe joint pain all over the body. There is no effective treatment of this fever. Physicians prescribe only paracetamol tablets. Though the fever is gone within five to seven days, the unbearable pain persists a long time. Consequently, the affected people are physically broken down. 

People aren't only hit by Chikungunya, they are at the risk of being affected by other mosquito-borne diseases including malaria, dengue in this rainy season. The doctors and nutritionists lay importance of the intake of seasonal fruits as these have healing properties to cure these seasonal diseases. 

Experts say, when one suffers from chikungunya, his/her body gets weak and exhausted. If one has fever, body burns more calories. If nutritious foods aren't taken, the immune system becomes weak. Coconut water is a good source of carbohydrates. It helps lift the energy level of the body. In case of chikungunya, coconut water helps seed up the recovery.

According to physicians, an all-fruit diet is good for those who suffer from fever. As fruits are easier to digest, they are also loaded with various vitamins which help in hastening the recovery process. Fresh fruits that help recover from fever can include orange, apple, grape, lemon, pineapple etc. If one has fever, intake of canned or tinned fruits juices should be avoided as these are loaded with preservatives, which delay the process of recovery.

Nutritionists say, fruits like pineapple, grapefruit, syzygium Malaccan, lemon etc are highly effective to remove weakness due to fever. Especially green coconut water fills up dehydration in the body.

Dr ABM Abdullah, Professor of Medicine at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, said, human body gets weak in fever. During this time, eating fresh fruits will play an effective role in quick recovery. In this case, Vitamin C-rich fruits, especially banana, jackfruit, orange heal fever. However, these fruits must be free of formalin.

Khaleda Islam, Professor of Nutrition and Food Science Institute at Dhaka University, said, if one has fever, he/she do not has taste in mouth and cannot eat properly. As a result body becomes weak. Drinking plenty of water and consuming seasonal fruits can be effective to recover.

Seasonal fruits do not prevent diseases in a direct manner. But these reduce the subsequent weakness due to the disease. The patient can eat fruits as much as possible, she also said.

Fruits increase calories that will reduce physical vulnerabilities. Energy comes back in body. But the fruits must be free from formalin and chemical. However, the diabetics should take precautionary measures to intake calorie-foods.
According to nutritionists, grapefruit juice is considered to be a good remedial diet for all types of fevers. It is known to remove burning sensation due to fever.

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