Published:  04:25 AM, 04 August 2017

Bangabandhu cared about the poor

Bangabandhu cared about the poor

During his 1314 days leadership, Bangabandhu took massive programs to make the country economically stable.  He specially and carefully eyed for the rural people of the country who suffered hugely.  In an article on 17 January 1971, Time Magazine of USA said, "In the aftermath of the Pakistani army's rampage last March, a special team of inspectors from the World Bank observed that some cities looked  'like the morning after a nuclear attack'.

Since then, the destruction has only been magnified. An estimated 6,000,000 homes have been destroyed, and nearly 1,400,000 farm families have been left without tools or animals to work their lands. Transportation and communication systems are totally disrupted. Roads are damaged, bridges out and inland waterways blocked.

The rape of the country continued right up until the Pakistani army surrendered a month ago. In the last days of the war, West Pakistan-owned businesses-which included nearly every commercial enterprise in the country-remitted virtually all their funds to the West.  Pakistan International Airlines left exactly 117 rupees ($16) in its account at the port city of Chittagong.

The army also destroyed bank notes and coins, so that many areas now suffer from a severe shortage of ready cash. Private cars were picked up off the streets or confiscated from auto dealers and shipped to the West before the ports were closed,"

Bangabandhu had been struggling against the deteriorating economic situation. The Bangladesh war of independence, in term of its economic experience, lasted only 9 months. However, it massively changed the character, pace and prospects of economic life of the people.

When the war ended, the country was almost bankrupt; the normal livelihood had been swept away and much of the capital stock was destroyed. Bangabandhu tried his best to pull over the country from many existing problems.

The culprits did not allow him to do so for the great cause of the poverty stricken populace. However, his worthy daughter has taken the responsibility on behalf of him.   

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