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Preserve your sarees for a long time

Preserve your sarees for a long time

To preserve sarees for a long time, you need to pay some attention. You spend so much of money on buying the best saree designs available in the market and then after wearing once or twice, you put them in that trunk in your store room. You think of wearing it on the next big occasion in the family.

When the big day comes, you open up your trunk thinking of your perfect saree that you would be able to wear again. But what do you find? A completely ruined piece of cloth that can never be worn again. Does that happen to you? How many times have you felt sorry for that beautiful dress that got ruined even before you could wear it more than once? Do you know that this can be prevented? You can stop all of this. How? Don't ask this. Ask if it is a difficult task or not. No, it is not. It is very easy to preserve sarees for a long time. All you need is to know how to do that.

Tips to preserve cotton sarees: Each one of you would have a few cotton sarees stocked in your closet and we're sure you're waiting for the summer to knock on your door to get this out of your cupboard. But are you sure they would be wearable when you take them out? Here are some tips to make sure your cotton sarees are preserved for a long time.

*    Dark colored cotton sarees lose color when washed. Make sure you never wash two sarees together. They should be washed separately with cold water.

*    Don't keep them soaked for long times. We know how you get occupied with work and completely forget that you have kept your favourite saree soaked in water. Use a reminder on your phone to notify you that you need to take it out before it is gone forever.

*    Make sure you dry your sarees in shade. Sun is their enemy. Keep them safe from it.

*    There is a way how you can make your old cotton saree look new every single time you wear it. Starch them. This would help them retain the shine and color and your cotton saree would always look as if you just bought it the day before.

Tips to preserve georgette sarees: Georgette is a very popular fabric these days and our post on why one should buy a georgette suit or saree backs it up really well. But you need to care for the fabric a lot if you want to make it long lasting. Here are some tips to preserve sarees for a long time.

*    Handwash is the obvious thing. Did we need to tell that to you?

*    Make sure you don't use too many pins while wearing such a fabric because it might tear off and you certainly don't want a saree with a hole in it. Do you?

*    Don't squeeze it too much while washing. The wrinkles will make you curse yourself. Mark our words.

*    Don't hang them for a long time. Not even in your closet. Georgette fabric tends to lose its shape when hanged for a long time. Make sure you don't let that happen.

Tips to preserve tissue sarees: Oh! This has been our favourite fabric till date. We love it so much but not many ladies dare to get a tissue saree. Come on! We know how much you avoid taking risks but then that beautiful and stunning piece of saree just casted a spell on you and you ended up buying a tissue saree.

You wore it on the big occasion but now you're worried about how to preserve it. You certainly don't want that costly piece of saree to be a onetime wear. Right? Read these tips:

*    Get them dry cleaned every time you think they need a wash. Washing a tissue saree may lead to tearing off of the fabric.

* Muslin cloth comes really handy when you need to store such kinds of sarees. You really need it.

* Make sure you don't hang them just like you shouldn't hang georgette or chiffon sarees. Keep them folded.

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