Published:  11:32 AM, 10 August 2017

[WATCH] Adorable video how bad the golden retriever is at catching food

Fritz the golden retriever is really bad at catching his food, but he's still learning. 
An adorable video shows the California dog's failed attempts to catch different food items such as a sausage, a burger, fruit and a hotdog. 

Standing before the camera the dog initially looks calm, composed and ready to make his owner, Evan Ball, proud.

The first piece of sausage meat is thrown and it appears Fritz is in line to catch it but it lands on his black and white checkered bandana instead.  

He then attempts to catch a piece of asparagus, which looks promising, but it ends in an epic fail for the cute pup. 
Spotting another piece of sausage meat, Fritz licks his lips in anticipation and locks his eyes on the prize.

Ball tosses the piece of meat, which travels in a straight line and at a good pace towards the dog.
But as Fritz opens his mouth to make the catch, it somehow slips and falls onto the ground. 
Fritz then gets smacked in the head by a slice of cantaloupe and a strawberry hits him on the nose. 

The adorable canine was also unsuccessful at catching a burger, a piece of sushi, some noodles and a slab of steak. 

Next up is a doughnut, and while not the healthiest piece of food for a dog, one would think the bigger surface area would surely make the task easier.

Jumping too eagerly once more Fritz mistimes the doughnut's flight and it hit him in the neck.
With a new bandana comes new opportunities in the form of a meatball and a taco, but the dog once again makes a mess of the catches and the taco explodes against its face.

The final food items include a hot dog, which covers him in ketchup, and a slice of pizza, which collides awkwardly with his ear.

To conclude the hilarious video, Fritz reaches a moment of success when he catches a taco.
His owner, Ball, who is from California, said that Fritz doesn't actually eat all of the tasty morsels that he attempts to catch. 

'I actually intercept most of the food and give him just a little for his efforts,' Ball said adding that Fritz eats healthy and gets plenty of exercise. 

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