Published:  01:09 AM, 14 August 2017

Take care of cloths stains

Take care of cloths stains

Though the rainy days are going on and being at the tropical condition we are now facing it. And ours is a development country, many essential infrastructures are not complete yet: including roads and highways. Whenever we are moving somewhere - obviously we are facing some muddy situations during these rainy days. And found many unexpected stains on our cloths and outfits. It looks very awkward when we have those.

How to remove stains? Will those remove literally? Or who knows the costly outfits may find some permanent spots - such types of many anxieties are occupying our mind. Many of us are very know with the unexpected condition that our cloth has stains somehow from pen's ink, it could be ball pen or fountain pen. Once the stain marks on cloth, it is very difficult to remove hundred percent. And if don't know the correct way to remove them, most of the time we have to through away those stained clothes. Here are some right ways to remove muddy and ink stains from cloths -

*To remove wet muddy stains from clothe, first the subject need to dry and then apply some boiled potato peel on those spots. I mean rub boiled potato peel on the spotted area of your cloths and the stain will vanish away.

*As we are in the tropical environment, having sweat stain on cloths is a very common thing. The solution is - before wash those cloths mix two or three painkiller tablet in to water and then wash your sweat stained clothe, will find the stain free clean cloth.

*    Often we have stains on our cloths while taking henna on our hand. Keep that spotted area in hot milk for some while and wash with soap, the spots will erase.

*Oil spleen dirt and scars can go away by apply some drops of hair shampoo on the wet collars and calf of your shirt.

*Whenever your cloths find ink stains, never rub those at once - it obviously spread the stains more. Use a little amount of white tooth pest on that stain and keep it like that for 10 - 15 minutes for be dry. Wash with clean normal water and ink stains will no more.

*Use of raw milk can bring benefit. Soak the stain affected portion of cloths into raw milk for at least 10 - 12 minutes. Wash with detergent powder and all the stains will fade enough that after such wash it need few more normal wash to anish away.

*Rub slightly warm glycerin on the black spot and rub it on several times. Whether possible add some drops of ammonia with the glycerin. Then wash the cloth quite normally with detergent powder and you will find a good result.

*Often use of nail polish remover can vanish away the stains from cloth. To apply that first you have to wait to dry up the stained area, and then add some nail polish remover over there, rub there well for some while. And wash with normal water to find the deserving result.

*Another effective ingredient is alcohol; let the ink-stain affected area soak into alcohol for at least 10 - 15 minutes. After wards wash your cloth with normal water and detergent and your cloth will get rid of ink-stain.

*The most interesting thing is that hair spray and black spots used to beautify the hair have the ability to remove ink-stain. Spray the spots several times with hair spray and wash after dry up, you will find the stain free cloth.

*Add half teaspoon detergent along with one table spoon white vinegar; soak the stained cloth there for thirty minutes, wash with normal water and your cloth will be free of stain.

*Lemon juice is often used to lift the stain. Rub a juicy piece of lemon over stained area of the cloth for some while and wash with normal water. The stained spots will much fade than before and after some two or three normal wash the dark spots of ink will vanish.

Keep in mind - adopt these methods as soon as possible after getting the inked or muddy. These methods will work only before the very first wash.
The writer is a beauty expert and working with a  multinational company

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