Published:  02:53 PM, 24 August 2017

[WATCH] Hilarious moment toddler interrupt tv interview

A TV debate surrounding milk allergies quickly turned sour after a toddler clambered onto the desk of newsreader Alastair Stewart during an interview with her mother.

Iris Wronka stole the show while appearing on ITV News alongside her older brother George and her mother Lucy during the lunchtime bulletin.

The family was taking part in a segment about new guidelines surrounding testing for milk allergies in babies when young Iris became impatient and left her chair.

The camera lingers on as Iris edges around the desk of a stunned Alastair Stewart, eventually climbing on top of the table and trying to high-five the anchor.

The presenter then informed viewers that Iris 'will do whatever she chooses to do for the next couple of minutes', before trying to continue with the interview.

The little girl's brother George then struggles to answer questions on whether or not he missed drinking milk, obviously distracted by his sister's antics.

The girl's mother also managed to keep a straight face, giving her views on raising children with the allergy.

Having stifled laughter throughout the broadcast, the veteran newscaster joked: 'Mary Nightingale, I think, will have a more peaceful time at 6.30pm.
'From all of us, a very good afternoon to you.'

Speaking to the Daily Mail Mrs Wronka, who works as a professional development manager, described Iris was 'a very independent toddler, who does exactly what she wants to do.'
She said: 'It was about that time in the day when Iris is usually napping.

'It had been a very exciting day and we had already done a pre-recorded interview with Channel 5.'
Mrs Wronka, who initially had Iris on her lap, said her daughter started 'wriggling' almost as soon as she sat down.

'I thought 'I can either put her down or have her screaming and crying with frustration,' she said.
'She was in a green screen room with lots of TV cameras pointing at her. It was all very exciting.

'Alistair was a consummate professional. He is an extremely kind man.'
Mrs Wronka, lives with husband Richard, 35, who works for Ofcom, and their two children in Forest Hill, in south-east London. 

Viewers and journalists took to Twitter to share their amusement about the ITV Lunchtime News incident. 
ITV News political correspondent Paul Brand praised his colleague, Tweeting: 'TODDLER TAKEOVER! Best lunchtime news ever.
'Well done @ alstewitn for holding fort!' 

ITV News' royal editor Chris Ship said: 'What happens when mum comes into the studio with the kids. Live on @itvnews. Top work by @alstewitn.'
Responding to Ship's message, BBC's Today presenter Nick Robinson wrote: 'Nice. One of my kids licked the desk when they came in.'

And NBC News's Alastair Jamieson said it was the 'best ever ITV Lunchtime News as @ alstewit battles rogue toddler guest,' and BBC News correspondent hailed the 'tremendous chaos'. 

Viewer Julie Matthias congratulated Alastair's composure, writing: 'A serious interview with happy children', adding: 'High five at the end. Good man!'
Another user claimed to have 'Tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks!'

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