Published:  04:35 PM, 25 August 2017 Last Update: 04:46 PM, 25 August 2017

[WATCH] Kids playing with playful lion cub

An amusing video has emerged of four little boys screaming and running away as a young lion tries to play with them at a zoo.

The footage, shot at the Indianapolis Zoo, shows the lion running from one end of the window pane to another, appearing to want to get to the four boys

The boys jump up and down in excitement and a little bit of fear as they get closer and closer to the windowpane.

Suddenly the lion leaps up and paws the glass then lies down and looks straight at the boys, much to their enjoyment.

As they leave, the kids wave goodbye to the young lion which makes it react, scaring them one last time.
A family member who posted the video said: 'My family was enjoying a day at the Indianapolis Zoo when one of the new lion cubs wanted to play (or eat) my three-year-old twin boys.'

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