Published:  06:01 PM, 25 August 2017

[WATCH] Epic entrance fail by best man and maid of honor

Newlyweds spend weeks and months meticulously planning their big day. 
But this hilarious video proves that there is always room for things to go wrong.

A fun-loving best man and maid of honour were filmed falling flat on their faces as they tried to perform an acrobatic entrance to their friends' wedding reception.

The maid of honour hitched up her floor length gown and tried jump on to the best man's back to be carried into the wedding. But instead she ended up tumbling over his head on to the damp garden path, bringing the best man down with her.

However the pair did not let the mishap ruin the fun and were back on their feet within seconds - much to the delight of the gathered guests. 

The video was filmed by Colorado-based company Canvas and Light in a beautiful outdoor garden. 

The clip starts with the pair walking down a path towards the guests and reception venue.
It is clear the pair have something planned when the best man jogs ahead and turns to face the maid of honour and crouches down, as if to catch her in a dancer's lift.

At the last moment the best man turns away and she tries to jump on his back.

However the best man appears to lose his footing and the maid of honour ends up launching herself over his crouched head and tumbles on to the path. 
Determined to end the trick as planned, the best man jumps up just seconds later and helps the maid of honour to her feet. 

The pair then end the routine with a gymnast's finish. 

While some women might be left irritated by the rough and tumble, this maid of honour saw the funny side and later made a joke about it in a speech.
She said: 'David says jump and I say how high?', prompting laughter and applause from the reception.  

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