Published:  12:43 AM, 30 August 2017

Difference between Ice-cream and frozen dessert

Difference between Ice-cream and frozen dessert

After a filling meal, all we need is a mouth-watering dessert. A study says that it is the most common indulgence that every food lover craves for. And when it comes to desserts there is nothing more sinful than the combination of cold and sweet. Yes, you guessed it right. Almost everyone reading this story would agree that when it comes to a sweet, chilled dessert, even in the midst of the harshest winters, it is difficult to say no to it!

Frozen dessert refers to any kind of dessert made by freezing a mixture of liquids, solids, and even semi-solids. They can be further categorized into many different forms and the most common of all is Ice-Cream. However, it should be strictly noted that all frozen desserts can't be considered as ice-cream.

There are a set of criteria that a dish has to follow not just in terms of ingredients but also the treatment and processing to be considered as an ice-cream. Technically, ice-cream can be categorized on the basis of the amount of milk fat in it. Whereas frozen desserts can't be categorized on that basis. Read below to understand the basic difference between the two that we love so much.

Fat content: A study says that ice-cream contains 10 percent of milk fat and 6 percent of non-fat milk solids. If the amount of milk fat and solid is less than this, it is considered as a frozen dessert. Texture: Ice-creams are creamier in texture and richer in flavor, while frozen desserts are more watery and light.

Making process: Ice-cream making process is very complex while frozen desserts are easy-to-make and can be made faster too.  Categorization: Frozen-desserts can't be categorized on any basis, while ice-creams are categorized on the basis of milk fat. All ice-creams are frozen desserts but all frozen desserts are not ice-cream.

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