Published:  06:12 PM, 31 August 2017

[WATCH] Hilarious moment dog photobombs its owner's yoga video

The downward dog is one of the most popular poses in yoga so it's no wonder this plucky pooch wanted in on the action.  

A very funny video has been released of a little dog photobombing his owner as she pulls off some flashy yoga moves.

The clip was posted on US-based site Imgur and has been viewed more than 3.5million times.

In the clip, the lycra-clad woman can be seen stretching out her legs as her pet, wearing a jaunty neckerchief, plods in front of the camera. 

The little animal stares calmly around while completely blocking his owner's pose.
Viewers online were quick to praise the comical video.

One commenter said: 'Thats a VERY nice lookin' doggo.'
Another person wrote: 'The best thing about animals is that they never act funny on purpose, which makes them even funnier.' 

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