Published:  01:19 AM, 06 September 2017

Prayers for a versatile figure's recovery

Prayers for a versatile figure's recovery

Annisul Huq, Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has been sick with certain physical complications for longer than a month. From then on he has been under intensive medical treatment in London. As far as I have come to know through newspapers, he is diagnosed with a disease called "cerebral vasculitis".

Annisul Huq, besides the echelon of his mayoral designation, is extensively popular with millions of people across Bangladesh as a television anchor. He hosted a great deal of programs on Bangladesh Television (BTV) during the previous decades on various occasions which made him widely famous and applauded among the Bangladeshi audiences who used to watch BTV during those years.

Actually BTV was the one and only source of entertainment for people all over Bangladesh during the decades left behind long before the advent of private satellite channels. BTV programs were enjoyed by viewers both in urban and rural areas and as far as I remember most of the people highly admired the quality and content of the programs BTV used to telecast.

I was a regular viewer of BTV back then while I was a student and I still hold a special leaning towards BTV despite the small screen being inundated by a burgeoning number of satellite channels both from Bangladesh and foreign countries.

Coming back to my musings on Annisul Huq, the BTV programs he hosted at different times were vibrant and broadly entertaining by virtue of his own impressive accent, his eye-catching personality and his superb sense of humor. He anchored entertainment programs during Eid festivals and his spectacular physical presence on television screen on many more occasions had the power to hold everyone spellbound.

I have myself watched a good number of programs anchored by Annisul Huq with my family members around and we all used to appreciate every bit of his anchoring and his outstanding conversations with actors, actresses, singers, intellectuals, politicians, authors, scholars and so on. A program to be hosted by Annisul Huq always had an exclusive jingle for the viewers which was no how to be missed.

He anchored several musical shows too on Bangladesh Television. During my youth, a massive portion of my attachment with television programs and my thoughts on culture and entertainment were encompassed by the peerless performance displayed by Annisul Huq. I am sure I am not the only one who always speaks so high of Annisul Huq because I believe for sure there are countless numbers of Bangladeshi people who like Annisul Huq from their hearts.

Annisul Huq as a mayor has done a lot of work for transforming Dhaka into a green, clean and safe metropolis. Under his mayoral directives thousands of illegal billboards were removed from different parts of Dhaka under Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) to make the capital look better. Everybody knows cleaning up Dhaka city to the utmost level is an extremely tough job.

Therefore, it would be totally impractical to presume that the two mayors of Dhaka North City Corporation and Dhaka South City Corporation can make everything all right within a short time. The blazing problems of Dhaka like traffic jams, mosquitoes, pollutions, slums, congestions, water logging and other forms of disorder have been prevailing for many years. So, bringing about drastic changes for the betterment of Dhaka city is not a matter of fun. However, the hardwork so far being done by the two mayors of Dhaka city deserves applause from my personal point of view.

Annisul Huq, while he was actively involved with the cultural arena of Bangladesh, was closely followed by the youngsters and elderly people of 1980s and 1990s. Students, employees, bureaucrats, political leaders, housewives, cultural organizers and people from all other occupational backgrounds equally used to love and applaud him. I can say for sure till today Annisul Huq holds that special spot of love and popularity in the hearts of his fans.

His illustrious presentations, straightforward approach, handsome appearance and amazing pronunciations moved us while we sat in front of televisions during the heyday of Bengali entertainment at such an era when Bangladesh's cultural pastures were not yet trampled by satellite programs from other countries. Annisul Huq's name comes up as a glaring allusion when we make reference to the golden age of Bangladesh Television.

Annisul Huq's smiling face and magnetic features were one of the reasons at that time for watching BTV with unbound curiosity for almost all people who had televisions at their homes during the past years while affording a television was not so easy for average citizens. However, now it's a pleasure to see that nearly everyone in today's Bangladesh is capable of buying color televisions.

Annisul Huq has been a valued, prolific and evergreen celebrity since the beginning of his career and at the same time it has to be recalled that a number of cultural activists obtained prominence through attending television programs hosted by him. A versatile figure like Annisul Huq who is holding the vital post of a mayor and simultaneously keeping himself engaged with many more humanitarian and welfare avocations is certainly receiving prayers and blessings from his compatriots for his rapid recovery from illness.

Touching upon the same vein I would like to add that it goes without saying Annisul Huq's colleagues are obviously missing him for his cordial behavior and pleasant attitude. Annisul Huq is a renowned businessman too and a famed manufacturer and exporter of readymade garments. He headed a number of important business organizations of Bangladesh at different periods. Annisul Huq's dynamic participation in culture, business, administrative responsibilities have turned him into a multidimensional man with a comprehensive range of qualities and extraordinary attributes.

Annisul Huq's gigantic contributions for the cultural enrichment of Bangladesh after the country's independence for years after years deserve to be spotlighted with special resplendence. His agile and vigorous functionalities on television channels have all the components to upgrade cultural awareness among the young generation of present Bangladesh. We wholeheartedly pray for faster recovery of Annisul Huq. Annis bhai, come back to us! Whole Bangladesh is earnestly waiting for your return to good health and spirit.

The writer is a columnist for
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