Published:  02:54 PM, 09 September 2017

How to gain height naturally

How to gain height naturally
First thing to know, there is no specific age after which you stop growing. There are ways to increase your height. Learn how you can become taller naturally.

In school, being short was beneficial. You would always get to be the first in line and your chance would come first. But when you grow up, it gets embarrassing to be the short one in your group. Where people need to push you forward or ask you to stand at a raised platform to get a good view of a parade or a performance.  If not that, the other way that you can look taller is by wearing heels. No words to explain how uncomfortable heels are!

First thing to know, there is no specific age after which you stop growing. There are ways to increase your height. A short height is owed to an unhealthy environment, activities and our diet up to 20%. Inculcating these healthy habits will help you increase your height naturally. Take a look at these tips to grow taller:

1.Eating a healthy breakfast
Yes, missing the most important meal of the day can lead to a short height. So, stop skipping it. A good height is owed to metabolism and missing out on breakfast regularly can hamper your growth and development, which makes you look shorter. 

2.Rule out growth-stunting factors completely
Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and doing drugs are neither cool nor a way to show that you have grown up. Instead, they cut the nutrition that you get at a young age eventually making you shorter. Also, drinking too much coffee also affects your height.

3.Sleep well
The growth hormone is secreted by the body when you sleep. An adequate, sound sleep is very necessary for the proper growth and development of your body. An 8-hour sleep is ideal. Always try to sleep in a calm and noise-free environment. 

4.A good diet
A healthy diet with all necessary minerals, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, essential fats helps you grow well. A proper and balanced diet is very necessary for growth and development. You may also take some dietary supplements for covering your body’s nutritional requirement. 

5.Good posture
The way you sit and the way you stand also affects your height. A good body posture can help you grow as much as 6 inches taller. Always sit and stand in a straight posture. 

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