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5 Harmless lies that every man tells his girlfriend

5 Harmless lies that every man tells his girlfriend
Honesty is not always the best policy, or so, that’s how every man believes. While honesty is crucial for a relationship, there are time when lying is okay. Remember we gave you a list of the lies that are okay to tell your partner? This time we will tell you about the 5 innocent and little lies that every man tells his girlfriend. Now these man who tell such lies mean no harm and their love cannot be questioned.  Some of these lies are just for your happiness and they should be forgiven. Here are 5 such innocent lies that men tell and it is okay.

Your best friend is nice
Maybe your guy does not really like your best friend. It doesn’t matter how much she means to you and how much you think she/ he is awesome, maybe your guy doesn’t think the same way but he also does not want to hurt your sentiments. So this is one lie that most guys say and it shouldn’t really matter as long as you can still be with the both of them.

No, I was not checking her out
Now it is only normal for anybody to check out beautiful looking people of the opposite sex. And let’s face it,we all do that. So if your man says he wasn’t checking out, it was because he doesn’t want to make you feel bad or jealous. If you dont want him to lie about this silly thing, assure him you are okay as long as it is just limited to checking out.

This outfit looks great on you
There are several men who tell such lies too. Either they are too scared to point out the flaws or are not too comfortable. And another biggest reason is they dont want to offend you which is only fair. How man of us can actually take the fact that we might not look good on certain days in certain outfits? Think about it.

I don’t watch porn 
Do not believe any guy who says this. Every man watches porn or might have at some point in their lives. And these habits are normal as long as other aspects of his life are not affected.

I promise we will talk about this later
This is one of the biggest lies that every man tells to his girlfriend. This is just a way of escaping the situation and trust us he us not going to bring up the topic till you remind him to.
These are the 5 little lies that every guy tells his girlfriend at some point or the other. And ladies, there s nothing to be offended about this because neither does he mean any harm to you nor does he want to ruin your relationship with him.

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