Published:  01:05 AM, 10 September 2017

A book that describes the long way of development communication

A book that describes the long way of development communication Unnoyon Jogajog by Sufia Begum, Publisher - Chayan Prokashan, February 2017

Main Uddin Ahmed tried to mention in brief that  the book will help a reader very much in dealing  with communication for development

'Unnoyon Jogajog'- Development Communication- was written in Bengali by Sufia Begum who is working as News Editor at the Film and Publication Directorate under the Ministry of Information of Bangladesh government. The writer began her information-related career in Daily Ittefaq in 1987 and joined the govt job in 1992. Up to 2017, obviously it is a long journey.

In her book Sufia Begum tried to accommodate all her gathered experience and intellect in a very brief way. She inked the theme of the title from the days of expansionist communication targeted the achievement of a ruling class development, till date. Consciously she ended touching the modern time of information technology and at the end of the book printed a model description for giving the script a shape of real and lively production.

The book can give its readers the idea and knowledge on a wide range of affairs relating to development and communication. The title indicates that the communication is destined for development and at the very same time presents a sense that the communication is targeted to reach development. The name of the book is rich enough because the term is inseparable with that of the modern world and very wisely the writer selected the name for her book.

We can mention the title of some chapters of the book to mean its usefulness. 'In search of exact word for development communication', 'Humane communication', 'Universal medium for communication', 'Modern media and its reliability' and 'Script writing and camera angle' are some of the chapter heads of Sufia's book. Someone, having minimum idea on communication, will be able to feel the depth of the book just going through the chapter heads.

A book of 104 pages, 'Unnoyon Jogajog' is containing many ideas, experiences and guidelines more than that of its container. To walk on the highway of communication any interested person or learner should manage time to go through this book for making the journey easy towards development. It will also help the public relations people very much.

The book and its contents will require a lot of time and space to have a discussion it demands. It can be done in any review meeting in a full-fledged program. But in this limited opportunity we can hope that the book will be popular to its readers and the writer, a person of media world, will present us much more in this digital time as the future world will depend fully on development communication.

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