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Since Suu Kyi has a Nobel Peace Prize, can't Hitler have one?

Since Suu Kyi has a Nobel Peace Prize, can't Hitler have one?

Now for what Suu Kyi has been doing in Myanmar, the word 'peace' refuses to go along with her name. But the Nobel committee created a problem years ago by awarding her with the Peace Prize, and so she is still called the Nobel Peace Prize winner by everyone in the world with a great discomfort of associating peace with her name. For this, a mass appeal has been submitted to the Nobel committed to take back the prize from her. Unfortunately, the Nobel committee has no mechanism to do the urgent task it is morally obliged to do.

The committee, however, seems unable to understand that now to call Suu Kyi a Nobel Peace Prize winner is to scandalize the prize and the committe. If Suu Kyi is still a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Nobel committe can be accused of depriving Hitler of the same honour. Now the committe can surely sit for thinking how to give a Nobel Peace Prize to Adolf Hitler, of course posthumously.  

For the crimes the Myanmar military men are committing against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar under Suu Kyi's watch, she is neither a 'peace' promoter nor even a 'woman', something else. Rohingya youths are being tortured to death, girls gang raped, children thrown into the river and anyone of any age butchered along with their homes and villages burned in a free style by her army men. They are fleeing with their lives across the jungles, hills and rivers from their birthland and taking refuge in Bangladesh. Of the 11 lakh Rohingya population, almost half have already left their homes in the Rakhine State in Myanmar. This is inconceivable under the nose of either a peace prize winner or a woman, and so Suu Kyi can be neither.

Suu Kyi is completely shameless. Even many Nobel Peace Prize winners condemned her in the past for her shocking silence about the persecution against a minority people in her country. All this has failed to move her belief that Rohingyas are outsiders and trouble makers. Before she came to power it was assumed that she was not talking for Rohingyas for fear of losing votes from fundamentalist Buddhists. Now with the power in one hand and the Nobel peace prize in another, she reveals her true colour of hatred and white Buddhist nationalism. The Nobel peace prize, ironically, is helping her to commit utmost crimes against humanity for which she and all the perpetrators inside and outside her goverment should be brought to trial.

Hitler had Goebbles as his propagnada minister assigned with the duty of telling continuous lies to people. But Suu Kyi herself being a Goebbles doesn't need to employ anyone else with that job. And in this job of telling lies, she does better than Hitler's propaganda minister. She has been shamelessly denying any atrocity committed against the Rohingya people. She instead complains that it is the Rohingyas who are burning their own villages, and they, including one-year old children and 80-year old men and women who have been butchered, burned and drowned by her gangs, are all terrorists.

New Yrok Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote (A Nobel peace Prize Winner's Shame, September 9, 2017), 'When a Rohingya woman bravely recounted how her husband had been shot dead and how she and three teenage girls had been gang-raped by soldiers, Daw Suu's Facebook page mocked the claims as "fake rape."'

Suu Kyi's Nobel speech delivered in 2012 now stands as the best proof of what a liar and how great a hypocrite she can be! She said then, 'Burma is a country of many ethnic nationalities and faith in its future can be founded only on a true spirit of union.' She said then, 'I thought of prisoners and refugees, of migrant workers and victims of human trafficking, of that great mass of the uprooted of the earth who have been torn away from their homes, parted from families and friends, forced to live out their lives among strangers who are not always welcoming.' She asked, 'Is the cost of meeting the needs of refugees greater than the cost that would be consequent on turning an indifferent, if not a blind, eye on their suffering?'

Suu Kyi's Nobel words were, 'Ultimately our aim should be to create a world free from the displaced, the homeless and the hopeless, a world of which each and every corner is a true sanctuary where the inhabitants will have the freedom and the capacity to live in peace.' Can she say these same words now standing before the Rohingya people who are displaced and made homeless and hopeless by her brutes. She has turned each and every corner of Myanmar a death camp for the people whose motherland it is. She has snatched away freedom and capacity to live in peace from those whose religion and skin colour are a little different from her own.

 Suu Kyi once said: "It is not power that corrupts, but fear." Now no one is interested about her noble words, because all is phony. The world only knows that even a Nobel Peace Prize cannot cure a person of the disease of corruptness, lying and shamelessness if it is in one's nature from birth.    

The writer is a commentator on  theatre, education and  socio-political issues

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