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Too much dependence upon machineries in India

Too much dependence upon machineries in India

Modern age is the age of inventions of various types of machineries. So people of India are dependant too much upon machineries. A feeling has been generated among our mind that with the help of machineries we can create wonders or able to complete our entire jobs. But the moot point of this column is that are we going to succeed without reading on any subjects. Suppose if we analyze the situation around 50 to 60 years back then around that time there was not at all trace of technicalities around that time people used to carry on their activities through reading books of types in mother languages and also in English languages along with other languages of rest of the world. As now, meaning in the modern eras concerned we find there has been proliferation of usage of new machineries but the impact of reading sounds different to us. This is because the basic conception generates from reading books but not from using too much of machineries or even depending upon it too much.

Logic behind depending upon machineries in India: It is no doubt that machineries no doubt have gained too much importance all around India. All around the globe the human beings practice the same norms but in India we find that creamy layers of Indians are too much prone towards machineries with the logic that though we come across through several new ideas by operating the machineries properly but reading is such an habit  it by which we know more than operating upon different machineries. Most of the cases we find that there has been too much error given in the machineries say for example in computer. Say for example, in computer while search about some urgent information about a person or about any reputed organizations of the globe then in most of the cases there are errors noticeable. In this regard those who are highly knowledgeable they could detect errors smoothly while those who are not so they cannot do so.

Even in case of operating any types of aircraft in India and also in different overseas destinations when the pilot does not pay attention to their work and depends too much upon automation then in most of the cases we find that there are chances of risk factors thereby forcing the aircraft to slide down to any unwarranted zone instead of airport runway with major accident killing passengers and pilots. That is why it can be uttered without any trace of doubt that too much dependence upon any types of machineries might not be advantageous all the time there are chances of danger from depending upon complete usage of machineries in different sectors of economy. 

Advantages in complete dependence upon machineries in India: There are various advantages associated regarding the usage of machineries is concerned. Some of them are stated as follow:  Proper utilization of natural resources- Modern age is of innovation of machineries and other types of technology. Even in medical science all physicians, whether a general physical and specialized physicians cum doctors full utilization of machineries. According to them all complicated problems and curiosity can be easily solved through the usage of machineries. Even pilots of different countries of the world make full use of computers while on board.

Complicated problems can be easily solved through the use of machineries: There are some difficult production problems which can be easily solved with the help of machineries.  Work done faster: Work is done faster with using different types of machineries.  More accuracy: Less strain and stress during any production processes, mobility's of more number of laborers, more ways of employment can be generated with use of machineries, disadvantages in complete dependence upon machineries: Factory workers become monotonous in prolonged usage of machineries. Workers lose their tenacity to work when there is machinery operating in the factory or in other forms of industry. There is too much of unemployment if machinery is installed in any forms of industry.

Machineries badly destroys environment. Full usage of machineries full annoys the workers of the factory and lower level staffs in the office.  Summing up the above views one point becomes clear in our mind that usage of machinery is welcomed by quite a good sections of Indians but what is noticeable in our country that the habit of reading books are badly receding which ultimately damaging the general conception of modern generations. Whereas in certain aspects usage of machineries are dearly welcomed thereby upgrading the productivity of our economy. This concept may dearly welcomed by Bangladesh and other countries of South Asia.

The writer is based in Kolkata

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