Published:  04:16 PM, 15 September 2017

Soldier gives his girlfriend the surprise of her life

Soldier gives his girlfriend the surprise of her life
Bec and Mike met at an outdoor gym on the Gold Coast three years ago. She was doing chin ups when he ran past and stopped to chat her up.

From the first time they met, the soldier says he knew she was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

And on Thursday night, he locked it in during an extravagant surprise proposal, which included an ad screened at Pacific Fair cinema and an $85,000 ring.
Mike had been looking at engagement rings for months, but fate came into play when he won the 2.14 carat diamond ring in a competition.  

Before he knew it, he was filming an ad with the Diamond Concierge at Lennox Head - in the exact spot he first told Bec he loved her. 

Mike then told Bec he had won tickets to a premiere screening of American Assassin, and suggested they go on a date.  

He told Daily Mail Australia he had managed to keep the secret for weeks leading up to the event, but began to lose it as the day drew nearer.

'I haven't really slept the last week and a half sort of knowing about it, I've been so nervous,' he said.
'I never sweat, I never get clammy - and [as we headed to the movie] she was asking me why are your hands cold, why are you clammy?'
Luckily for Mike, Bec was very late to catch on.

After the proposal, she admitted it wasn't until her partner was down on bended knee that she fully understood what was happening.
'I am in shock. I don't know how this happened, but it's amazing. He's done a very good job of keeping it quiet,' she gushed. 

'The ad came on and he was like: "Oh look it's Lennox Head", and I was like: "Oh that's nice" - and then he came into the picture and I was like: "Oh God what's going on, something's up", and I still sort of didn't click.
'It was well done, unbelievable, I don’t know how he's done it.'

She said the outrageous proposal had left her completely flabbergasted. 
'I'm still in shock, I didn't know what to say I was shaking, I stumbled to get even the word yes out,' she laughed.

'My hands were shaking I was sweaty, I couldn't believe it. The whole thing he just staged, it was amazing.' 
While Mike had been dreaming of proposing for some time, the couple rarely discussed it, which exacerbated Bec's shock.

'I had no idea [it was coming] at all,' she said.
'I thought I was going to the movies tonight - I thought that was great, I was really excited! 
'I thought we were going out for a nice movie date and the kids were off watching the emoji movie and it was all great - but this is even better.' 

Bec and Mike have raised three children together, aged 15, 11, and 6. Only Mike's eldest daughter, Lani, knew about his plan, and helped him to organise her siblings.

'She had tears in her eyes when Mike was proposing,' Bec said.
Bec said she was astounded by the size of the ring, which she joked was 'weighing her hand down'.
'I've got really tiny hands so it's even bigger,' she joked.
'It's a lovely ring - I'm a bit worried about the cost of it with losing it and it falling off. I'm not one to wear jewellery - but it's a statement piece.'

When it comes to weddings, Bec says she would be happy to elope, but Mike is clearly one for doing things on a bigger scale. 

'I'm quite happy to elope - I don't need anything big or fancy, but Mike's the sort to like a good party with all his mates around, so we'll talk about something,' she said.

'I love Mike so much, and I can't believe he has done this - it's the most amazing proposal ever. Unbelievable.' 

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