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How to take care of chiffon sarees?

How to take care of chiffon sarees?

Chiffon is a very delicate fabric and garments made from this fabric obviously require special care. Chiffon is thin, transparent and usually made of silk, nylon or rayon. Adequate care extends the life of the fabric and makes it look gorgeous as if it is new. 

Hand-washing instructions: For hand wash, get a tub full of lukewarm water and mild liquid detergent. Fold the garment in half so that it gets easier to wash. Now, put the garment in water and swirl it around to clean it. Soak it in water for about thirty minutes and then rinse it in a tub of clean water or a stream of running water. Rinse it until all soap bubbles are removed. Don't wring the fabric or its shape would be damaged. To get water off it, put the fabric on a towel and then cover it with another towel and push down the towel to remove excess water. Remove towels and let them dry.

Machine-washing instructions: Turn the chiffon inside out (in case of blouses). Use a mesh laundry bag for it prevents the fabric from getting wrapped around the drum of washing machine. Put the garment in washing machine and don't add any other garments for they can damage the delicate chiffon. Add a capful of mild detergent and set the washing machine to delicate and shortest spin cycle. Wash chiffon in cold water. To soak excess water, lay the garment on bath towel and cover it with another bath towel and push them down.

Drying instructions: Don't wring the towels. Dry it in shade. Avoid direct sunlight. And don't hang the fabric for drying. It will make the fabric weak.  How to iron chiffon sarees? For chiffon, dry ironing is the best. Even if you can see a lot of wrinkles on the saree and think of doing steam iron, avoid it as chiffon gets easily stained by water which is something you don't want on your freshly washed saree. Iron should be on the silk or delicate setting. Place the fabric on ironing board and smooth it out with your hands. And then iron gently. Don't press hard as the fabric stretches very easily and may not return to its original shape if pressed hard. Don't stop on one spot for too long. Keep the iron moving over the fabric.

How to store chiffon sarees?
1.    Don't hang the fabric for too long.
2.    Use a padded hanger if you do need to hang it for some time.
3.    Make sure you keep changing the folds of the fabric every once in a while you store it in your cupboard for long periods.

    When you wear a chiffon saree…
1.    Make sure the fabric isn't wrapped too tightly when you wear it.
2.    Avoid using pins as they might tear the fabric.

This is how you can take care of the lovely chiffon sarees you have in your wardrobe. The key is to be careful at each point - while washing it, while drying it, while storing it and while wearing it. If you do, you will be able to keep your saree like new forever. (excerpt)

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