Published:  12:53 AM, 20 September 2017

Foods that cause insomnia

Foods that cause insomnia

After a hard day at work, what can you ask for more than a good night's sleep which would make you forget all your anxieties and also help you relax. But sleep eludes many of us leading to stress build up which becomes the root cause of several ailments. In fact some major lifestyle  diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure have also been linked with lack of sleep or insomnia. We fail to realize that many of the foods that we may be consuming are likely to be the reason behind our sleeplessness. Read to know more!

Sugary foods: Sugary foods give you an extra dose of unwanted energy that increases heart rate and cause sleeplessness during the night.  Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits are highly acidic, which could cause disturbance during sleep.  Alcohol: A recent study has found that alcohol increases the tendency to have a "deep" sleep during the first half of the night, but then increases sleep disruptions in the second half.

Spicy foods: Spicy foods can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort which is a leading cause of insomnia. They can aggravate gastrointestinal ulcers and cause acid reflux.  Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate contains high levels of caffeine that can keep you up at night. It also contains theobromine, a compound that has caffeine-like effects. Coffee: Coffee is one of the most common sources of caffeine, which can keep the body too alert to sleep soundly. Caffeine also has diuretic effect which increases the frequency of urination.

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