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The nature of multidimensional education

The nature of multidimensional education

The development of a state depends on its education system. Again there is a close relation between technology and education and it is not possible to deny the contribution of other matters in the field of education. At present, a link has been created among the fields of science, technology and art.

As a complement to each other, multidimensional education has become a source of influence in education. For the time being, a technologist has to create ideas about various topics including psychology, social science, political science and economics.

Again, an economist is well-versed in technology, science, philosophy, and other things. The reason is that education is not confined to a certain boundaries; rather it has gained its multiplicity and universal form. Multidimensional education is to acquire knowledge of different branches and fields of education beyond one's traditional education.

Apart from this, sharing the knowledge of differently educated people in varied fields is also a part of multidimensional education. In this case, self-education has also direct involvement. Although Mohandas Karamchand's traditional structure of education was developed in the law, he did not restrict himself to this knowledge.

He developed his links in political and social education. Gandhi was a versatile writer and editor although these were not associated with his traditional education. In a sense, he is also called a philosopher because he was the founder of Satyagraha movement based on which non-violent philosophy.

Gandhiji is recognized as a weaver. Like a weaver, he used to wear clothes on his own. It means that he was also engaged in the teaching of weaving. It may seem that a man like him does not have the ability to wear the weavers. But the thing that is noteworthy to mention here is that he tried to revive the rural industry of India.

Apart from industrialization, the prosperity of the state is not possible through this work; henceforth, he took the initiative to reach this message to the people of India. In essence, today's need of multi-dimensional education is needed because people can never be confined to a fixed point rather need to be engaged in multidimensional skills.

If the tendency of multidimensional education and man's acceptance of human beings is not considered, then it is impossible to develop generosity, improved thinking capability, universality, human values, and creativity in humans. This does not mean that a person should contribute to all areas of education rather, the education he is being taught, most importantly he will have to acquire the knowledge of the education system in the real world. And through this, we have to adopt strategies to respect society and state by applying education in the real field.

In that case, other areas of education should also be included in the idea that it can be linked in some way or the other. And to do so, for the development of education of diverse fields, positive attitude and implication is needed on the urgent basis for understanding and knowing that it is directly and indirectly related to other learning areas.

This will be possible only when the syllabus will be formulated to illustrate the problem of multi-dimensional education system. Another thing is that when people are hungry, as they look for food, they will be able to understand the importance of the multiplicity of education to implement it in the field of development and excellence through its education. It is not possible to ignore self motivation in any way.

A group of young researchers from Dhaka University's biochemistry and biotechnology, led by scientist Dr Maksudul Alam, discovered that the genome sequence of jute or the birth of jute. International Diarrhea Research Center, Bangladesh (ICDDR), Molecular Genetic Department Head Dr. Shah M. Faruq and his colleagues announced the discovery of cholera vaccine. Boston's Harvard Medical School John McLennos collaborated in the study. He is Associate Professor of Bio-Engineering and Therapeutic Science Department of the University of California's School of Pharmacy and Medicine.

A few years ago, 40 people started working on making artificial kidneys with colleagues. He and his team of researchers spent a lot of time working in the last three years. Later, this University of California announced that they were successful by replacing the artificial kidneys and replacing it with animal body.

The Bengalis and the people of Bangladesh have worked behind these discoveries. It is needless to say that each invention has succeeded in the multi-dimensional education because of having the growing sense of thought. It is essentially an integral part of multi-dimensional education.

If Rabindranath is considered as a poet, then it will be of an incorrect analysis surely. The multiplicity of education existed in him. Again, in the field of higher education, he has given importance to innovation, as well as some or many people involved in the multi-dimensional thinking process, he said that knowledge should be implicated in real life.

According to Rabindranath, the discovery of science in the university has been a great source of invention. The main work of the University is to generate new ideas rather than teaching. In the field of learning, those experts should be called who are engaged in research, discovery and creation with their power and pursuit. Different sources of knowledge can be originated from a center by the collective efforts of the intellectuals. Rabindranath wanted to match the country's life with education. In the field of education, Alexander was a disciple of Aristotle.

Aristotle imparted him with multidimensional education, including medical, philosophy, ethics, religion, logic, art. As a result, the multiplicity of a person's education is transformed into another person as it is seen in the case of Alexander who proved his success by applying those in his equal policies.

Due to this multi-dimensional education, Alexander was attracted to culture. For this reason, he was fascinated by Homer's Iliad epic, which he would take with him in all his future expeditions. If this kind of philosophy is applied in society today, it will be possible to inspire people to come out of the materialistic or consumerist ideas and get into the realistic ideas.

The study found that in the coordination of new generation through multi-dimensional education, it is easier to have an understanding on team development, confidence, formation of a party, building a composite outlook, recognition and credit sharing, communication about science or any other subject. Furthermore, it is useful to communicate with others, make science or other subjects enjoyable or important.

It is a theoretical issue, but its implementation depends on the positive attitude of the people of different fields of the group. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, "We are working on expanding the education throughout the country in a very systematic ways." This concept can be considered in two ways. One is to reach education to the grassroots. Another is the expanding education which will enable people to create multicultural ideas.

At the state level, multi-dimensional education centers can be formed for the expansion of multidimensional education where experts from different fields will study their involvement with other fields of education and apply it to the formation and development of the state. In schools, colleges and universities, students and teachers of different departments can develop multidisciplinary ideas among them by sharing ideas with one other about how a teaching field is affecting another educational field. This is done through various international seminars and conferences.

For this reason, "multi-disciplinary interaction class" can be introduced in these educational institutions. At the primary level, the multi-dimensional education can be applied as a source of joy. As such, they can share with each other about what children know and understand beyond text books. It can be the play of different kinds, rhymes, paper airplanes, boats, flowers produced, can be dances and songs, telling stories or any other subject. At least once a week, such a full-fledged knowledge practice can unleash the development of potentiality through multi-dimensional education.

The multi-dimensional concept of education can be applied to the formation of an advanced state. For example, the government can take steps that can be implemented by coordinating the development of government and enlargement of public welfare in the form of a well developed state by combining skilled experts, economists, technicians, politicians, socialists, political scientists, industrial experts, planners, psychologists and other experts.
National Policy with Prohibition may be made so that state and society can be expected to continue its journey through multidimensional education.

One thing is that the education of this country has not been liberated, but politics has been liberated. This is partly true because the student politics is an integral part of the culture of Bangladesh and it is impossible to deny it at present. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that it is based on constructive and patriotism value and essence.

But the practice of education is not seen in politics as it is. If politicians can create inspiration about multidimensional education, politics will not be ruled by money and muscle power. Rather, politics through multi-dimensional education will get back to the true nature of public welfare. And there is no alternative to forming a better state.

---Dr. Asaduzzaman Chowdhury
The writer is an educationist
and columnist

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