Published:  12:54 AM, 08 October 2017

A book of poems for enjoying something different

A book of poems for enjoying something different Dhyanmagno Om by Rezaul Karim, Publisher - Behulabangla in February 2017

Main Uddin Ahmed unveils the poet's capability of attracting the readers to his own world.

Dhyanmagno Om' is a bundle of poems written by Rezaul Karim which was published by 'Behulabangla' from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Poems are written in Bengali and possibly the poet will not disagree that the title's English translation may stand as 'Meditating Incubation'.

Allured with the mysterious name of the book, a reader will win the urge to go through. After reading the first poem any poetry lover will be compelled to proceed as the pattern of expression will pull anyone to see much deeper. This is of its own kind.

The poet, having the style of ornamenting the ornaments, compels the readers by changing his poetic colors. In the beginning identifying self as a realistic one, he turns romantic and sometimes surrealistic. Usual readers will enjoy the changes and the students of literature will get an exceptional feeling about the changes in positioning of the poems with poetic essence.

Rezaul is straight forward enough not to make a poem unnecessarily fleshy. He doesn't hesitate to end an expression in short-length four lines if needed. He is not willing to take much time of the readers as the conscious poet runs quick according to the demand of the age and a reader will feel that the decision works as a sharp weapon.
When the poet is romantic, he expresses the pleasure usually collecting from the surroundings, saying: "A good girl varies the text in mouth and heart/ A good girl on the way of life alert and smart".

To be realistic the poet expresses this way:  "All the sights becoming pale/ No eye is viewing more than the body distance/Views nothing clearly." While extreme romantic, the poet nicely writes: "In the evening, the pregnant cloud comes down aboard the young lady-like evening air/Slowly it continues to wet the conjugating butterfly."

At surrealistic stage the poet discovers: "The dead horse keep ready the race in my air/Draw the eagerness at premises with fixed eyes/Hanging balcony, much more". A conscious poetry reader sometimes may discover the writer as a philosopher who is willing to depend on the sum up of his feelings to draw an end of affairs. But nothing will happen at last to be hopeless because the poet immediately returns to life as an outspoken fellow.

In the three-format book of poet-journalist Rezaul Karim -  'Dhyanmagno Om'- he tried to present the readers  something different than that of others which is purely of his own and a reader will be able to find out the exceptional poet in him very easily. If not read, really it will be missing something different. We hope that the poet, who faced reality bitterly, will not cease to offer much more to his readers in future also.

The reviewer is an Assistant Editor of The Asian Age

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