Published:  12:02 AM, 09 October 2017

Diner Sheshe (09.10.2017)

Diner Sheshe (09.10.2017)

"I'm really bothered by people using cocaine. I get angry when I see people doing it for fun. So many horrible things have happened in my country just so people can have 'fun.' Cocaine was the motor behind the war in Colombia. It financed the drug lords, the paramilitary, and the guerillas.

It paid for the bombs, and the guns, and the kidnappings. It corrupted our government. It ruined our reputation. There isn't a family in Colombia that hasn't been hurt. All of us lost friends and family members. And this violence was funded by people who use cocaine. Yet none of them feel responsible for what happened." Humans of New York, Fb

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