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Against the flawed job recruitment process

Against the flawed job recruitment process

Grade Point Average (GPA) plays a significant role in the cases of students' status, job fields and admission areas. Merely getting GPA5 can never be the only measuring scale of success or merit although it has importance with no doubt. In college or university admission process, GPA2.5 is the minimum requirement for a candidate to be able to apply for admission.

A question certainly arises then: if one with GPA2.5 can go for higher education and consequently can make good scores in graduation level, how should we treat one? There are ample instances that low scorers have entered BCS cadre services and done exceedingly well in their respective field. But what is more painful is that some job sectors require exceptionally brilliant grades and put a bar before the ones who hold low scores as their academic qualifications.

Is this lawful at all?

Or are they doing this showing little care for recruitment law of the country?

Similarly, we know it is a long discussed matter in the recruitment process of public university teachers too, and there is a wide range of controversy at every step; from GPA, graduation result to post-graduation result or PhD, MPhil, position in the department and obtaining medals and other certificates for the bright academic career. But we hardly talk about quality and willingness of the job holders.

The scholar who obtains GPA4 or the first boy/girl in the class may not be the perfect one to be a good lecturer where the average scorers of the class may have a passion study, teach and research. It is a matter of determination and finding out the appropriate person for the right place at the right time by the right authority. On the other hand, the power of understanding and making others understand might not be the same case as writing or research may not be the same thing like speech.

That doesn't mean that good GPA-holders are inane. In fact some students have the ability to exceed the qualities of their class teachers! There are evidences of that. Some teachers neither can express in the best way nor do take any step to overcome it. It is not to criticize the conscience of the nation in general. But obviously a teacher should be one who can deliver much better, truly feel the students' point of view and one's background should be inter-related.

Short-lived but effective classes can motivate the learners positively and give them the space where they can develop themselves to be fit for. The 'Harvard Business Preview' also publishes some noted articles on it for ensuring the quality which is beneficial economically, specifically in welfare economy where the societies' future generations can play their due role after being confirmed by the departments. It is a timely demand to form a recruitment law by the state authorities to keep open the doors prevailing in ILO rules or other first world countries. Only rules and by-rules can change the entire economy of the countries.

Teachers should be more aware of quality teaching and avoid time passing in classes. Another controversy among the students is the job application fees. Every organization has its own HR department, recruitment policy and an annual budget to maintain hiring, firing and promoting etc. Why should the admission and jobseekers have to pay the exam fees?

The university graduates and all types of jobseekers nowadays draw our eyes towards how they lead a life of uncertainty, mental pressure from family and society, let alone daily expenses for buying books and doing coaching etc. They can neither explain nor endure but have to suffer mentally. Such long-term tension and pressure leads them to suffer from different types of psychosomatic diseases. Demanding such application fees is going on as a tradition for earning a good amount from the seekers which is really a burden.

Bangladesh Bank Selection Committee has changed their policy on it for a better way at the time of its former governor Dr Atiur Rahman. It should be applied everywhere. On the other hand, our maximum recruitment procedures are full of exhaustions. Working fields are not related to our education patterns.

Where the world is running on the basis of research and analysis, we are passing through memorizing only. If guides are cordial enough along with moral characters the fellows would follow them and viva voce process would have changed based on relevant questions with cordiality as a way of bringing out creativity from the generations for the future advancement of the institution.

Only then our generation gap will be bridged and an aggregate development can be swift where allocation for education and research along with proper monitoring should be increased for a better future.

The writer is a graduate in Economics and French Language learner at Dhaka University           -----Abdur Rahim

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